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Oldest Big Cat Fossil Found — 4 Comments

    • Humans have been around 4-8 million years but modern humans about 200,000 years ago. I think this cat that looks so refined was at a more advanced state of evolution than humans 5 million years ago. This ancient cat looks as evolved as modern big cats yet the human of 5 million years ago looks very unrefined. He still is đŸ˜‰

      • I still find it hard to go along with their numbers. I mean how do they calculate this – I know that rock strata and formation, or ice, both contain frozen moments of the past but still. What makes them say 4ma and not 2ma? How did they set up the timeline – what’s the anchor point….

        Anywhoo – it’s absolutely amazing.. You are right Michael, cats were always more evovled than us. That’s why if they ruled the planet it wouldn’t be in danger of nuclear fallout – living sustainably should be considered the number one of our values. If you can live sustainably then you are more evolved – just my opinion.

  1. This fascinating stuff. more and more evidence is turning up that suggest Asia and the Middle East as the genesis of animal and human life. The oldest fossils of Homo Erectus were found in Dmnisi, Georgia, and oldest jaw bone specimen of modern man in China.

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