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Oliver Ratfaced McDougall, our king cat — 7 Comments

  1. I applaud you for your respect and love for animals. Five yeArs ago my 15 year old daughter brought home a cat who was horribly abused. She heard a sound inside a dumpster and low and behold there was a cat inside a black plastic bag in that dumpster. She immediately got her out and brought her home. She was horribly abused and sick. She weighed less thN two pounds and was severely dehydrated She was a horrible mess and so scared. We took her to the vet. He assured us she would die and to just let him euthanize her. I knew by looking in her eyes that she wanted to live And had fought so hard to stay alive. I told him no and just to get her hydrated and give us the meds she needed. He told us it was a waste of time and money but we didn’t care, it was worth giving her that chance. She was so tiny but was over a year old and under developed. We brought her home fed her with droppers and then baby food. Our big white German Shepard also fell in love with her and stayed near her side. For over one year she was afraid to leave my daughters room where we set up her bed. But then little by little a few steps each day she explored her house. She beat all odds. It is five years later she is healthy and happy. She loves life and plays like a kitten everyday. Each night she thAnks me. She sits on my lap stokes my face stares in my eyes and hugs me. She is the most caring and wonderful cat I’ve ever seen or known. She is a magical little thing with a giant beautiful heart.

    • Ohhh, Vera, what a magical comment. Loved it. Inspiring. If you have a photo you can upload it to another comment using the button below the comment box. Please make sure the image is not excessively large if you can. Thanks for sharing.

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