OMG: Cat wriggles through 4 inch gap under glass door

Cat wriggles under glass door
Cat wriggles under glass door
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This is remarkable. It certainly startled me to see this young ginger tabby wriggle through a very narrow slot in the glass. I estimate it to be around 4 inches wide. It is has to be wide enough for his head to get through and the rest he wriggles through with twists and turns but see below where I speculate he or she was trapped under this glass double door.

Please give the video time to load….

It’s called “Cats are liquid”. It looks like that. You could almost see this little cat getting hurt doing it. It makes me wonder why he was doing it. What was on the other side which motivated him?

The video actually makes me wonder whether he did get his head through first. This is a glass door. He may have become trapped under this door with his head on one side and body on the other side. If that is what happened a person could have done this deliberately in order to make the video. I am being a conspiracy theorist but it is possible because I don’t see this cat attempting the get under this door. For me it is almost certain that he was placed in this position and was trapped.

This would be the motivator to get out. There is no obvious other motivator to do this stunt. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “OMG: Cat wriggles through 4 inch gap under glass door”

  1. You make a very likely observation that the cat is most likely placed just for a video. On a very slight possibility, it could be a housing complex and he lives there.

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