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On average, how long does it take to feel better in the grieving process? — 6 Comments

    • Sorry Irish. I don’t know what happened. The comments are 100% reliable but it can happen sometimes for a number of reasons.

  1. We’re all different, so I’m not sure there is a yardstick by which we can measure our grief.

    For me, the period of mourning (the pain and tears) depends upon the bond I had with that particular cat and the circumstances surrounding their death.

    I think that just as with romantic relationships, we are simply more compatible with some cat personalities than others. When you have a cat you ‘click’ with, then the bond is even more special.

    It was at least 3 years before I could even think of Holly without crying. We’d been together 19 years and I couldn’t have loved her more if I’d given birth to her myself. Not only did I miss her like hell, I carried the guilt of her final day being her worst one. A very kind lady gave me an article on breaking the power of guilt which helped me finally come to terms with my loss. 10 years on, sometimes I still tear up when I hear a song which reminds me of her, but mainly I smile when I think of her and that’s a much more fitting tribute.

    6 months on I still miss Sophie very much. Even now, it seems hard to believe that she’s gone for good. It was cruel coincidence that she was put to sleep on almost the 10th anniversary of Holly’s death.

  2. For me, 2 to 3 years sounds about right if our relationship was tight; perhaps, one year for a less bonded relationship.
    But, to be OK overall.. . never.
    Some losses change me forever, and I’ll never be the same as I was.

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