On Thanksgiving day 2018 a 69-year-old man encouraged a juvenile to drown a cat in a brutal manner

I’m sorry to bring you yet another cat abuse story. I feel compelled to do so to highlight the sometimes abusive nature of humans against companion animals and the fact that little is done to stop it.

Walter Balwin mugshot
Walter Balwin mugshot
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In this peculiar coming together of various events, on Thanksgiving Day 2018, a 69-year-old man admitted to working with a 17-year-old minor to trap a cat, take the cat to a local pond, where the juvenile kicked the animal into the water whereupon it drowned.

The elderly man’s name is Walter Kenneth Baldwin. He turned himself into the police. This crime was “aggravated” by the fact that they videoed their exploits and posted the video on social media where it went viral until it was deleted. The man has been charged with various acts of animal cruelty including contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

That is why I have included this part of his behaviour in the title to this page. I think it is an important aspect of this aggravated crime. When an elderly man encourages a young man of 17-years-of-age to take part in such a nasty crime against a companion animal it only serves to perpetuate this sort of criminality which needs to be stamped out.

For the sake of completeness, the incident happened north of 2340 Sagamore Parkway West in rural West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, USA.

In one last twist to this ghastly story, Baldwin said that they didn’t want to shoot the cat because it would create a “bloody mess”. Well guys you have got yourself into a bloody mess now and may you be punished to the maximum that the law allows. I hope that this 17-year-old juvenile does not go on to commit a similar crime. Shame upon Mr Baldwin.

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