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On the subject of cats’ claws the USA and the UK are poles apart — 3 Comments

  1. A great number of cat owners in the US believe that a cats claws are natural and part of the package. The big issue is we can’t get a bill like this through congress and so we have 50 states to convince to pass laws prohibiting it. Add to all of this actual animal cruelty laws are barely enforced and ones heading for trial usually end up with a plea deal.
    It’s not enough to just rescue animals as individuals it’s speaking out loudly to everyone about animal abuse, unnecessary alterations in an animals physical appearance, declawing, the inhumane shoeing practices used on some breeds of show horses, merciless training methods and veterinary negligence (malpractice). Our county does not even have a mandatory S/N policy but euthanizes who knows how many animals yearly. Getting a foothold on declawing is gaining ground mostly through education and just outright brutal condemnation of anyone who even mentions they might declaw.
    Understand that Dr. Pol a so called veterinarian on a TV show was shown declawing a cat and is still beloved by millions of fans the TV show continues.

  2. I’m glad the RSPCA and Cats Protection have denounced the use of claw caps! My blood ran cold when I read of the cat the PDSA had to anaesthetise to remove them because they were glued so fast. They should never have come here from the USA, because some people here, the type who think dressing cats in human clothes is acceptable, are thinking they are ‘cute’ and pretty. Cats claws have always been accepted here as an essential part of a cat, therefore claw caps are unnecessary, not like in the USA where even though they do stop a cat’s natural behaviour they are a million times better than declawing. Thousands more of us are fighting now to get declawing banned worldwide, it should never have been invented and is unheard of in most countries!

    • Hi Ruth, I was impressed by the attitudes of these British institutions. It really reinforces the message that cat’s claws should be left alone.

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