On Twitter when you search for the word “cat” you get a cat in a blender

The downward spiral on Twitter (alleged)
The downward spiral on Twitter (alleged). Screenshot.
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In this video, you see a commentator on Twitter (I do not know who he is) criticising Elon Musk for making things worse on that social media platform since he bought it. The man says that Musk go rid of 90% of Twitter employees which I think is incorrect and an exaggeration and in doing so he got rid of the Twitter employees who filtered out a lot of the rubbish on that platform which shouldn’t be there including animal abuse tweets.

Elon Musk didn’t want to buy Twitter

That’s the message I take away from this video. He’s blaming Elon Musk for this situation but I think he is wrong because I think the problem was there before Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 million. Incidentally, I don’t think Elon Musk really wanted to buy Twitter. He had the idea of buying it and in his usually extravagant way he made a formal offer, then changed his mind but couldn’t back out of the agreement because Twitter said they would sue him if he did.

He had to sell a huge amount of his Tesla shares which she didn’t want to do in order to buy Twitter. And he was pulled away from running Tesla and Space X. He had too much to do before he bought Twitter. I think he regrets buying the business but having bought it he did his best to make it profitable because it was bleeding money rapidly, he said. It was losing billions of dollars annually which is why he made redundant a huge number of employees as we all know.

So, Twitter is beginning to be profitable or at least breaking even but are there enough moderators on the platform to filter out the rubbish?

Returning to what this man says in the video: it’s not true that if you search for “cat” that you get cats in blenders which by the way is a reference to a gaming app in which the person who wrote the app thought it was funny and entertaining if people when playing the game killed domestic cats in the most gruesome way.

Blender stuff

This leads me to another topic which I have written about recently which is about the person who wrote this notorious gaming app. It would seem that he is part of a gang or the leader of a gang who kills cats in gruesome ways in real life in Asia. He was attacked by a mob it is alleged and there is a video of that attack on the Internet. If you’d like to read about that topic, you can do so by clicking on this link because I have a dedicated page to it. I also have a page on the gaming app which I refer to which you can read by clicking on this link.

280 characters

Currently, I’m finding that Twitter throws up some interesting cat topics which I am always looking for. They are often acerbic (sharp and forthright) or slightly opaque meaning lacking clarity but that means you have to dig around and research the topic, which isn’t a bad thing. Perhaps that difficulty in trying to figure out what the tweet means is because users are limited to 280 characters which is twice the original number of 140 characters.

You can’t really explain an awful lot within 280 characters. Perhaps that helps and makes the tweet more interesting because it tweaks the mind (do you like that play on words?).

Twitter does need better moderation

There is perhaps a little bit of truth in what this man says in the video but it was there before. I think that Twitter allows people to upload animal abuse images and videos which should not be on the platform. You even get cat rescue organisations with high morals uploading really pretty gruesome images of injured cats or sick and dying cats which should not be there. They do not need to publish these pictures on Twitter to get their message across. They can do it with words only just as effectively. It damages people to swamp them with ugly images of animal abuse.

I do discuss animal abuse quite a lot or have done in the past because it needs to be discussed openly in order to stop it. But the images should be used sensitively and only looked at by people who feel they can look at them without harming themselves.

Cat loving Twitterer is the scourge of the Chinese Communist Party

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  1. This is basically a crush video making it and showing it is a felony! A stiletto may have not been used but the kitten was crushed and tortured. Musk and the abuser must both be charged! I am told Musk has aloud animal torture video’s all over twitter. He’s as sick a f*ck as the people doing it!


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