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One Cat That Only I Know Poem — 4 Comments

  1. My heart is breaking for that tattered and torn little cat. I too leave food and water out for unloved strays and have been known to keep eight cats at home….it’s not easy. Why are some humans so cruel….I don’t get it at all. We all have souls including animals and we will all end up in the same place if we do good down here. Thank you for your goodness.

    • Hi Jackie. Yes, humans are unique in their ability to be cruel and abuse the non-human animal. We are also destroying the planet. We are not that great are we. So why are we so damned arrogant as well? Another failing. Thanks for commenting Jackie.

  2. Yes, as Michael said, it is difficult to read, and we know this is the ‘life’ of so many untold kitties. Thank you for the good work you do on behalf of helping the kitties.

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