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One family lost six cats to antifreeze poisoning — 7 Comments

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  2. Every few years in our village there are spates of cats being poisoned with antifreeze. Vets usually attribute this to people being careless when topping up their car coolant systems. This is vets sitting on the fence deliberately. As the article factually states, modern cars do not require/allow this DIY action.

    In the UK there are fewer and fewer old banger type cars on the road. Even newly qualified young drivers can be seen driving the latest Lexus/Mercedes (whatever brand) low end range of new cars, financed by Personal Contract Plans. Often cheaper to insure a new car than an old banger.

    There have been cases in the UK where dead birds and rats have been soaked in antifreeze and left as deliberate bait for cats. There have been instances of it happening to ferals, strays and also farm cats.

    Most communities have a known cat hater living amongst them. We have one in our village. He is a brazen freak, loathed by all, but no one will confront him.

    I have read of two cases where households had protected their cats by installing provably secure catproof fencing, or a catsafe enclosure to avoid their cats roaming. This did not deter the determined cat haters who threw food over the fences (also dry food soaked) that had been baited with anti-freeze. This happened in daylight hours. The cats were inside at night.

    Wouldn’t it be better to drench humans with education to be kind to and tolerate other species, rather than to castigate and shame those who within a culture of previously safe free ranging cats, still allow their cats to roam?

    Understanding different cultures and environments is very important too.

    However, I do not understand why the family did not take steps to keep their other cats safe after one was poisoned. Maybe the vet, not wanting to alienate local cat haters (who may also be clients) told the dead cats’ people that it was ‘just an accident’ and it would be fine to let their other cats out to roam at will?

    There is still a massive ignorance in the UK about cats being ‘nocturnal’ I know cat lovers who insist they are. Try explaining ‘crepuscular’ to them, it does not even register. Ignorance about welfare, behaviour, psychology and safety is persistent and perpetuating amomgst companion animal guardians everywhere. People prefer to stay thick and believe dumb old myths that do not require thinking.

    To insist that all cats MUST be kept indoors at all times kinda speaks the same message as ‘all female humans must stay inside and never go outside alone or they are asking to be raped/abducted’

    It is giving in to tyranny & hate.

    • That is always going to be a concern. Cats should still be monitored when outside and patrolled on a regular basis. For homes with large enclosures perhaps the owners should consider a smaller and more secure section on a porch where humans cannot easily access or confine them indoors when gone. Most dog owners follow the same protocol. Nuts and animal thieves as well as animal haters are everywhere.

  3. What mindless stupid twats. You would think after the first cat they might keep their companion animals at home. My heart breaks for the cats who have such failures as guardians.
    News Flash cat haters are out there why is your equivalent of a toddler running loose.

    • In response to your very rude comment, our cats were kept in as best we could, we are not failures we also have two senior cats age 17+ that we have had from birth. Tommy was a street cat who adopted us and so therefore keeping him in was impossible because he wasn’t used to the indoor life, he came in had food and went back out again… Please if you are only going to get half the information from someone who didn’t even bother to interview us, may I suggest you keep your cruel tongue to yourself.

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