One month of excellent foster care and this young cat is transformed and adopted

These comparison pictures of a young cat taken soon after what must have been a rescue and one month later under the foster care of Nikki Martinez show a remarkable transformation in health.

Okie a rescue cat fostered to recovery by Nikki
Okie a rescue cat fostered to recovery by Nikki. Photo: the Instagram account of Nikki Martinez.
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I love these sorts of photos because they are so positive. They give me optimism and remind me that there are a lot of great people who are concerned about cat welfare and who make a real difference.

Nikki does not tell us the back story of this young black-and-white cat. She was injured, that’s for sure. She may have had a URI or it may have been just an injury to the face.

Awww, Okie, you are the most energetic biscuit maker ever … and the cutest! 😻 Congratulations on finding your forever home! 💖

She has been named Okefenokee (Okie for short). Incidentally this is the name of a wildlife reserve on the Georgia-Florida border.

She is a happy girl. She loves her little den so much she is kneading it (making biscuits or ‘milk-treading’). This is a great sign as she feels confident enough to express her natural behaviour. And it is the sign of a contented cat because she believes that she is engaging in a warm loving moment with her mother as she milk-treads – encourages the flow of milk from her mother’s breast.

She was adopted into a new home and family on 29 December 2019. Her spaying operation was brought forward for the purpose.

I believe that Nikki operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I’ve visited the city in the middle of the desert with a water supply problem…


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