One Neglected Persian Rescued!

by Linda
(California, USA)

Isabel on the road to recovery!

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Isabel on the road to recovery!

I'm sitting here both furious and jealous. The jealous part is easy to understand -- the Persians in the photos are absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had a cat that looked like one of them.

But that's where I get furious! I hate -- HATE -- people who rush out and buy a kitten because they think it's cute. They don't stop and think about the tiny life and how they will take care of it.

Some time ago, I adopted an ultra Persian, purebred chinchilla, from a shelter. Little did I know what I was getting. Isabel was matted head to toe. Her eyes had huge crusts of built-up gooo. She was emaciated -- about 4.5 lbs. Her dewclaws were growing into her pads. And to top it off, she had pneumonia.

The truly sad part of the story is that she was surrendered by the owners. In my book, the only thing they did right was to surrender her rather than dump her! Some people should not own cats and especially ultra Persians.

On the bright side, Isabel is doing fine, at last. Her coat is still bad. Her pads have healed. She's up to 6 lbs. And we are winning the battle against her sinusitis. The (bad) picture is of her recently.

Thanks for listening!


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One Neglected Persian Rescued!

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Aug 15, 2010 You're right
by: Joyce Sammons

As I read your story I watched my daughter brushing my boxer Dreyfuss. She had brushed him 2 days ago and yet got a bagful of hair. She does each of the animals at least twice a week. Sometimes I think they line up and can't wait for their turn.

People not wanting to invest time brushing don't deserve pets. My Furby is long haired and is brushed every other day with a Furrminator

Aug 15, 2010 Comment
by: Michael

Isabel looks wonderful under your care. She has found a true caretaker.

I share your hate for irresponsible shallow minded people who want to own a fluffy cat without a proper understanding of the responsibilities that go with that which includes the realisation that the adoption is for the life of the cat and that the cat must be respected as a cat not a fluffy creature that can be parked in a corner of the room.

You are amongst like minded people here. Put your feet up and we will bring you a nice cup of tea....

Michael Avatar

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