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One of the USA’s largest animal rescues: 600 animals — 3 Comments

  1. I do know about this rescue. Been there many times. This isn’t to defend the deficiencies and I know they exist, but here are some things you won’t hear from the news report. This first one you just missed: the “drugs” are animal meds.

    There’s a lot of freaking out about the animals buried on the property. The Haven was there for 18 years. What were they supposed to do with animals that died? I would hate for the ASPCA, in its endless search for $ and attention, to dig up my yard.

    To my knowledge only one of these many animals has had to be euthanized. ONE, and it was in kidney failure. So much for how unhealthy and neglected they are.

    Dog pens sometimes were in awful shape. But the cats had little buildings — houses — insides chain link enclosures where they could be indoors or out as they chose. Each enclosure held five or six cats. It was pretty cool, actually.

    The Haven fully vetted and microchipped every animal. Linden would do whatever she needed to do to get an animal back if it ended up in a shelter somewhere.

    Some of these photos were taken of animals as they arrived at the facility. They didn’t get into that condition at the Haven; they arrived in that condition.

    People were forever dropping off animals at the gate in the middle of the night. The kill shelters around here are notorious for being kill-happy. People don’t want to take animals to them.

    Lots of politics involved in this too. The military and the police sent abuse cases to the Haven. Rescues and the shelters objected. Other objections had to do with the name. One public shelter in the area had a similar name until it was changed. Raleigh is home to Safe Haven, a rescue that loves to take animals from these raids and use them to raise money.

    There are many legitimate criticisms that can be made of The Haven and the Spearses. My point is not to refute those but to point out some other facts that you might not hear otherwise.

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