Max Our Albino Siamese

Max Our Albino Siamese

by Maxmur
(California, USA)

Max....Our Albino Siamese~

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Max....Our Albino Siamese~

On June 5th, 1997 the earth opened up and smiled upon us. Along with six "Seal Point" Siamese kittens from one mother and father, came Max.

Very vocal and wanting nothing but love and to play, Max began his life. The odd little boy found that life would take him for a turn, as his owner could not keep him. I had my eye on him from the very beginning.

My luck would be, that Max would become a part of my family. I had a Russian Blue male approximately a year old that needed company, and Max filled the bill.

However, how would I know that it would take almost a whole entire year for "Murphy" to warm up to him. Max hardly left my side. Murphy was large to the sum of about 20 lbs. and Max was a little intimidated to say the least.

However, through the years they became the best of friends and nothing could separate them. They would bathe and talk to each other, argue about space on the bed and of course, food bowls. Max would grow up beautifully and all who would come in contact with him knew he was something special.

Everyone would ask how he came to be and they knew he was a little "different" than other cats. Not a day goes by without him talking to us in his loud Siamese voice.

He seems to have much to say. His bunny soft fur is luxurious and laborious as you cannot leave the house without knowing you had been in contact with this white ghost if you will.

Murphy has since left us sadly, and we remember him everyday. but a year later in came "Molly". She was an abandoned feral left to starve. Just what the doctor ordered for Max's depression after losing Murphy. Now he is big brother to her, and even being older now, he still plays and jumps and runs all over the place.

I do not have children, I opted for cats, and I feel so lucky to have the soul's that have been brought into my life. Max is definitely my Siamese son, even if he is pure white!


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by Anila Khan
(Islamabad, Pakistan)



Foxy is a sweetheart...i luv him to death:)


My Two Beautiful Accidental Ragdolls!

by Melissa
(Whiteriver, AZ, USA)

We bought a cat at Petsmart 5 years ago. We thought "she" was a Siamese kitty.

After about a year, we realized "she" was actually a male Ragdoll kitty, whom we named "Lilly Bug". He's a beautiful blue point Ragdoll, super affectionate, and follows us all over the house.

last year, our 16 year old cat Shadow died, and we were in search of another cat, another play mate for Lilly Bug. We searched online, and found a pretty Siamese mix named Lila.

We decided to go with her. We went and picked her up, and 2 weeks later, we realized we had another Ragdoll on our hands. She's a lynx seal point Ragdoll.

She's absolutely gorgeous, very vocal, loving, and, getting to be a rather big girl at only 1 1/2 years.

We are so fortunate to have two such beautiful, wonderful cats, both an "accidental", but wonderful surprise!


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