One Person’s Trash Becomes Another’s Tabby Companion

It’s that same old story which we sadly know so well and which is dramatically highlighted in this tale with a happy ending; cats being treated as trash.

Kitten saved from recycling plant
Kitten saved from recycling plant
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Workers at a recycling facility were sorting through the tons of rubbish rapidly passing before them on a conveyor belt when low and behold amongst the recyclable rubbish was the cutest little tabby and white kitten.

The conveyor belt was rapidly conveying the kitten towards a mashing up machine – spinning metal blades and a compactor – at the end of it. The kitten was seconds for death. A male worker, load operator Tony Miranda, spotted the kitten despite her tabby colouring which would have made her difficult to spot amongst the debris.

Kitten saved from recycling plant
Kitten saved from recycling plant

Tony is the guy on the left in the picture above. On the right is the Heather Garcia the shift supervisor who fell in love with the kitten and has adopted her. She called her Murphy (I think!) after the name of the facility where she works. Murphy has been checked out by a vet and given the all clear.

Kitten saved from recycling plant
Kitten saved from recycling plant

“It was hard to see it but I spotted it really quick.” said Tony.

As we say there are some maniacs out there who, out of sight, dispose of cats like recyclable trash in the most heinous of ways in showing a lack of humanity and decency. This is just another example of treating a cat as trash but with great good fortune she survived thanks to the eagle eyes and diligence of Tony Miranda, just an ordinary guy who did something really special that day. It made his day he said.

Heather Garcia shift supervisor with her newly adopted kitten.
Heather Garcia shift supervisor with her newly adopted kitten.

My thanks to Elisa for spotting this story and ABC News for reporting on it.

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3 thoughts on “One Person’s Trash Becomes Another’s Tabby Companion”

  1. Diane Ricciardi Stewart

    Michael, I almost didn’t want to read this because humans just piss me off to the max when it comes to the anipals. NO anipal is a throwaway item!!!!! They have life, feelings and emotions just like we do, and need to be treated as such! So happy for little *Murphy*!! What a cutie pie!!!! Angels were definitely looking out for that little baby!! ♥♥♥

    1. It totally pissed me off too except that the ending is good. There are some very kind people in the world and we must not forget that. There are more good than bad people…I hope.

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