One small thing you can do to make your cat happy

Flea combing your cat brings pleasure to both parties
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Flea combing your cat brings pleasure to both parties. Photo: MikeB

Yes, it’s almost nothing in the grand scheme of things. A gentle flea comb around the head and on the back of the head and shoulders is something every cat owner could do at least once daily. It’ll take about five minutes. Five minutes of calm for both of you. I would wager that every single cat on the planet would enjoy this. It would make every cat happy because it is a natural thing to do. I’m not saying that flea combing is a natural thing to do. From the cat’s perspective they are being groomed and we know that cats engage in mutual grooming – called allogrooming – all the time when they are living in multi-cat households or between feral cats or stray cats et cetera. The good part about this form of grooming is that you are also checking for fleas at the same time. And if you find one you kill them immediately by crushing them against the flea comb. In addition, you are gently massaging the skin, increasing the production of sebaceous gland oils which makes the coat glossier. My veterinarian was very impressed with my cat’s coat. I put it down, in part, to the way that I flea comb him all over his body daily. Make your cat happy. Do something simple and easy to do. Flea comb around his head daily but do it gently and with respect.

One small thing you can do to make your cat happy

One small thing you can do to make your cat happy

Note: I have only caught 2 fleas throughout 6 years of daily flea combing. And the first one was when I brought him from the cat rescuer when he was 7 weeks old. My cat catches mice all the time too. I am very pleased. But all cat owners need to be vigilant regarding cat fleas. They are one of the biggest feline health problems. They can be devastating if the cat is allergic to the flea bite. Flea combing your cat brings pleasure to both parties.


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