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One Thousand Veterinarians Demand a Ban on Homeopathy for Pets — 10 Comments

  1. 14,000 vets didn’t sign because they considered it irrelevant, perhaps voodoo.
    I had 4 cats live to be nearly 22 years old because of traditional vet treatment.
    I can’t discount homeopathic ways; but, alone, they are inadequate. Antibiotics are antibiotics and not some root.

    • I tend to go along with your thoughts Dee. Homeopathy has supporters but it is not proved scientifically, as far as I know, to cure disease and improve health other than through the placebo effect. Antibiotics are a proven drug worldwide. They are so successful that they are badly overused.

      • Indeed, antibiotics are overused for all species. Discretion should be used, and I think that both human and animal docs are improving.
        Animals don’t have the ability to benefit from placebo affects. They’re not as lame and gullible as humans.

  2. Thank you Michael. I guess it was clear, despite my leaving out a word, that I meant to comment noting the fact that 14,000 UK vets DID NOT “sign” the petition against the use of homeopathy.

  3. To put things in proper perspective, 14,000 UK veterinarians DID NOT the petition. Combining conventional treatment with homeopathy when appropriate, and less costly, seems to be a more reasonable approach.

  4. What works for mammals, whether it be conventional or homeopathy or a combination of both should be investigated rather than condemned out of hand. We should be concerned with the well-being and comfort of our beloved housemates. There will always be those who disagree with anything “new”. But let’s not forget that our ancestors used natural cures that worked. And we should be grateful for those who brought us life-saving medications. I use both for myself and my companions, and always consult with the wonderful and understanding vets that I trust.

  5. I find it interesting that these vets have taken a stand to
    “protect” animals from homeopathy. It seems like an act of concern and caring. I wonder how many of these vets “de-claw”, over-vaccinate, and prescribe treatments and medications that have serious side effects.

    I doubt that they care enough to refrain from these money making practices, which makes me think that this isn’t what it appears. I’ve come to distrust vets in general, and that has been learned the hard way. (I’m in the process of writing an article about my current “adventure” with 4 vets.
    I’m just trying to come up with a juicy title.)

    Next, I can imagine that these vets would ban home treatments by pet guardians, because of the risks involved.

    I wonder how many dairy farms have “gone out of business” from using homeopathy? Notice they use the term “gone out of business” rather than “lost their cows”. I tend to think this is actually all about “business”, and their fear of losing any, rather than actually concern for animals.

    After all, these vets are members of Royal College of Veterinary SURGEONS. Would surgeons be likely to support anything other than surgery? Wouldn’t that be their first choice?

    Even regular doctors treating humans with cancer would hardly recommend using cannabis (hemp) oil even though it’s been proven to kill cancer cells. The standard procedure is to cut, radiate, and use chemotherapy. And, there’s big money in that process.

  6. I’ve been disappointed that the vet hospital that took me so long to find and trust, has business cards for these snake oil peddlers. Jackson Galaxy is also a culprit, and I don’t like his other pandering either. He also failed to get aboard the “Justice for Tiger” cause (Texas Vet Kristen Lindsey’s victim April 17, 2015). I believe in good medicine practiced by ethical doctors, period.

  7. Seems to me that practitioners TRAINED in this treatment modality have a LOT to offer our beloved pets when conventional medicine JUST doesn’t do the job. That is why I prefer using a vet that is Integrative in their practice. Our vet has been doing some amazing things with homeopathy- of course very carefully and when it is totally necessary to help our kitty with just another weapon in her treatment armory. Ban it?? Hell no- Have practitioners trained thoroughly? Yes!

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