One United Voice – Animal Shelter Reform Group needs your input to bring about change

Facebook: One United Voice-Animal Shelter Reform Group was created May 31, 2017, to join animal advocates in their mission to create a better environment for shelter pets.

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Beth Frank is the lady behind the group, where her plans are to create an army of advocates, including crossposters, in an effort to bring about change. To those who don’t stay in the loop of the animal shelters, many of the cats and dogs in shelter facilities are too heartbreaking to describe. Everything from shelter abuse to unnecessary killing is constantly being posted on Facebook. The time has come for change.

When asked why Beth felt the need to help shelter pets, she stated

“I started this project because it seemed a natural progression for our group Community Cats United, Inc (Trap-Neuter-Return Community). In working to build our Community to over 18500 members and 1000 groups in 108 countries and all 50 US states, I realized most shelters would be willing to work to kill less and save more. Many just need a little guidance and support. They may not know where to begin. We, as a team, will provide this. We will reach out to animal shelters because together, we can be the change.”

Below are other animal advocacy groups you may be interested in that Beth is involved with concerning cat welfare.

The link to the new group is here in case any of you are interested. I hope it will generate some articles for PoC on how shelter improve, need to improve or need a good dose of “cleaning house.”


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5 thoughts on “One United Voice – Animal Shelter Reform Group needs your input to bring about change”

  1. I live in Selma,the center of central Alabama. OurSelves shelter is the only one within our surrounding counties. The needs is always greater than the resources. Any new die a s, network or ideas are needed and appreciated.

  2. Shelter reform, TNR and M (colony management), foster programs, bottle feeding classes, RTF, rehab in preparation for adoption — all these relatively new programs signal positive change for animals. I support the shelter reform mission.

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