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Online newspapers distort the connection between extreme PMS and cats — 2 Comments

  1. And the T. gondii oocysts that exist on fruits and vegetables, or is found in your dinner meats, come directly from cat-feces. Try as you might, you can’t get around the reality that all those ways that you contract T. gondii came from cat-shat oocysts. No other species of animal creates the oocysts by which T. gondii is spread into all other animals.

    Recent studies have shown that the millions and millions of T. gondii oocysts produced by just one cat (many times during its life, even high antibody counts in cats do not prevent reinfection in a cat, peer-reviews studies prove this) can remain viable even up to 4.5 years in any bodies of water. During that time-span the very same cat can become reinfected (even from its own cat-shat oocysts) and spread millions of more T. gondii oocysts.

    Here’s an interesting study of how even vegans are not safe from T. gondii infection due to all the commercially available fruits and vegetables that have been coated with cat-shat T. gondii oocysts from free-roaming cats. http : / / www . academicjournals . org / article / article1380205329_Ajmal%20et%20al . pdf

    • Firstly, Woody try and learn not to insult me in comments that you want me to publish! Stupid or what. I have deleted the last para of your comment.

      The point I have clearly made is that the act of transmission comes from human’s handling and eating raw meat or handling vegetables. That major point was not reported on by news media. That is the point I am making. This is an article about news media and how they report studies. I hope you can understand that Woody. Take your blinkers off.

      I stated that cats are the primary host.

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