Online Video Leads to Arrest of Teenager for Throwing Kitten Into Reservoir

Warning: this is an unsettling video but it is watchable – just. Don’t watch it if you think it will hurt you. This is another example of self-declared animal abuse criminality. We don’t know what happened to the kitten.

The Patterson Police Services issued a press release at 7 PM Feb 2nd 2018 in which they said that an online video has led to the arrest of a teenager for animal cruelty.

The video was posted on a “private Facebook group page for local residents”. It is believed it was uploaded around one year ago. The police where able to identify the “subject as 18-year-old Garratt Haile of Patterson” (a high school senior). They found out or knew where lived and interviewed him. If you allow yourself to be filmed committing a crime and post it on a FB group for locals it is not surprising that you’ll be caught which begs the question why did they do it? Perhaps he had no idea that he was committing a crime.

Garratt was subsequently arrested on 2nd Feb at 8 AM. He was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail under an animal cruelty felony charge (a more serious crime than a misdemeanor).

The event took place several months ago. It seems that someone on Facebook spotted it and decided to take action by reporting it to the police. Well done to them. In fact I have discovered that the person is Nicole Pinheiro, who videoed the online video on her iPhone.

She told Heavy a website:

“The video I posted I screen recorded (it’s a feature that the iPhone has) because people were wondering how to share it. So I recorded and shared it with the news stations because I felt it something that needed to be seen, so he can pay for actions. Which that is exactly what happened. He got caught. Everyone on the watch page was tagging the local police department and even calling them. So he would have been caught regardless. But sometimes things like this get looked over (not by purpose) but they do. So I shared it with the local news stations and they all wrote me back. Saying ‘thanks for the tip, we are looking into this.’ Then in the morning at 8 a.m. he was arrested. Then the new stations picked up the story and it went from there. I am just glad he got caught and he is being charged. I don’t care if they are charging him as a minor or an adult. I’m just glad that he is getting punished for what he did. I want him to realize what he did was completely wrong. Which I’m sure he is feeling it now.”

The police say:

“If you have any information on this investigation please call Deputy Torres at 209-652-5385.”

They need to catch the guy who filmed the event as he is an accessory to the crime. He should be charged as well. Update the next day: He has been arrested but can’t be named because he is a minor at 17-years-of-age.

Comment: This bizarre modern trend of telling the world through social media videos that you are an animal abusing criminal continues. Here we have a couple of guys with a little tabby kitten which they have picked up somewhere local. One of them, the guy with muscles and no brain, slings the kitten high into the air into what looks like a reservoir. The kitten is thrown around 30 feet. The other guy films the crime with glee in his voice. Why do they do it? It is somehow linked to social media. Perhaps they are seeking notoriety through social media – 15 minutes of fame.

Link to the FB post.

6 thoughts on “Online Video Leads to Arrest of Teenager for Throwing Kitten Into Reservoir”

    • I didn’t want to watch it either, but I’m kind of feeling that it needs to be seen by people who care. The kitten needs to be thought of as valuable, precious and loved instead of hated like that. I don’t believe in paranormal or supernatural stuff… Especially if that was the kitten’s last moments, what those vile people did to her should be balanced out, you know? And if there’s something to learn from it, maybe it will help me identify other people like him and help keep animals away from people like that. I don’t know.

      • Well I watched it. I don’t think the cat was physically harmed from the throw, but I’m sure it was traumatizing. Plus the little thing would have had to swim back to shore, and it doesn’t take much to drown… then find people who would care for her. I didn’t see any housing anywhere near there, so that would have been the worst part… surviving after the fact. We don’t know if it was a feral or pet or anything.

        • What always surprises me is how normally young men think it is alright to do this and to publicize it. Where does that mentality come from? A lack of moral guidance I suppose.

  1. Job well done. Although this may not deter many animal abusers, or idiotic young people committing these weird animal related acts of violence, it is still a step in the right direction. My heart breaks for all animals that are tortured, traumatized and murdered by heartless humans. 😱😢


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