Only one sweet but very scared cat left behind after successful rescue week at NC shelter

Cabarrus County Animal Shelter had a very successful rescue week at the Concord, North Carolina facility. Only one sweet but scared cat remains all alone in the cat room until more cats are moved into the room next week.

Boone (photo Volunteers Helping Cabarrus Cats)
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Volunteers Helping Cabarrus Cats posted his sad story on their Facebook community page

“Hello everyone, my name is “BOONE”! I was brought to the shelter as a stray, and my original owner never came looking for me. I am a 10-12 month old, unaltered, domestic short hair gray tabby. I am very scared in the shelter environment, and will need an experienced rescue/foster to give me time to decompress. I am a very vocal kitty! I am in need of immediate transfer to an established rescue partner. If you are interested in pulling me for your rescue, please email the rescue coordinator at!”

Boone (Volunteers Helping Cabarrus Cats)

The shelter explains their successful week, which has led to a few rumors getting started that something is wrong because the facility is too clean and there aren’t enough cats (the cats were being vetted, already on transport, or still in quarantine in case any were sick. New cats will go on the adoption floor next week).

This week, we had some amazing rescue partners answer our plea for help! We are starting to experience an increase in cats and kittens needing our help as expected during this time of year. During the week of, April 16th – April 20th, we were able to place a grand total of 36 cats with rescue partners all over NC and Massachusetts.

Thanks to Lake Norman HumaneTailless Cat RescuePat Brody Shelter for CatsPisgah Animal Welfare Society – PAWS, Inc.SPCA of Wake CountyHumane Society of Charlotte and Mended Whiskers Cat Rescue, we now only have ONE available cat and are awaiting availability of the strays that came in over the last 2 days. Thank you so much! We couldn’t do this work without our amazing supporters!

empty cages (Cabarrus County Animal Shelter)

Isn’t this what everyone WANTS to see? Fewer cats in a shelter (especially during kitten season) and rescues stepping in to help find every cat a loving forever home?

Now all we have to do is share Boone’s story with rescues authorized to pull from North Carolina shelters and find this sweet kitty his own forever home. It’s sad beyond words that he’s the only one left.

Click here if you’d like to pledge for Boone’s funding for rescue.

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  1. Next week there is a probability the shelter will be getting 30 cats from one house hold. It is good thst the week went well with cat placement with this looming on the horizon!


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