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‘Open Admittance Shelter’ is a euphemism for a kill shelter — 4 Comments

  1. Let’s all ask Micheal how many cats he’s saved from being killed. Go ahead, let’s ask him……

    remainder deleted as rude…(Admin)

    • You are a rude shit. You disgust me. I have given many thousands of dollars to cat rescue organisations over the years. Yes thousands so I have helped to save lives. And my current cat I raised from a rescued feral. So why don’t you F*** off you arsehole.

      P.S. You’re banned as usual and don’t bother making any more comments under a different username.

  2. My no kill rescue group has foster parents also that may be caring for 5 to 10 cats in their home at one time. We feature all pets on petfinder.com. The fosters drive the cats to our in store adoption events every Saturday. Without our fosters it would severely limit how many animals we can take in. Any medical expenses the fosters put out are reimbursed by the group.

  3. The answer to this problem is humane sterilization laws across the board to stop any more unwanted animals from being born. This situation will never change until TNR for feral colonies is a national law. Also my state has shut down puppy mills and inhumane breeders from selling to pet stores. Pet stores can only sell rescued pets from shelters. I also believe tbere should be a state subsidized spay/neuter program for pet owners. This is a much bigger problem than any shelter or rescue group can resolve on their own.

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