Operation Pussylockdown: A “global movement to keep pet cats indoors” or do they promote cat cruelty?

I was alerted to a new Facebook page that calls itself Operation Pussylockdown. The community already has boasts 9,000+ followers. Are they really a “global movement to keep pet cats indoors” or do they promote cat cruelty?

cat blanket post
photo Operation Pussylockdown
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This article comes with a very strong warning if you wish to visit their page. Dead and injured cats are shown and are extremely graphic.

Their ‘about’ statement reads

“Operation Pussy Lockdock is a global movement to keep pet cats indoors in order to protect native wildlife as as well as care for your valued family member.”

I’ll be the first to admit I liked their logic. As we all know, cats are safer indoors since they ARE valued family members. The Operation Pussylockdown then goes to extremes both in photography and their view of cats who for one reason or another must live outdoors (e.g. feral colonies).

They’ve crossed the line of humanity in their wish for outdoor cats to end up dead and are in essence promoting cat mutilation and cat cruelty and Facebook is letting them get away with it.

The page has been turned over to Facebook officials who have stated nothing on their page is in violation of Facebook terms and conditions. I won’t post the photos here and caution any of you to visit Operation Pussylockdown where dead (and bloody) cats are displayed as though they’re a badge of honor.

The ‘cat blanket’ photo had a comment that seems to reflect the thoughts of the page fans but would be considered animal cruelty by most of us.

“Absolutely impressed and appreciate the craftsmanship and use of hides. But I’m also here to say that feral cats are also 100% worthy of just being maggot food too. They are sooo versatile as a carcass!”

The Facebook community page Titan Will Not Be Forgotten has taken up the fight to have the community page advocating the killing of cats not kept indoors. They state fans of the Operation Pussylockdown page are harassing them. The other side claims the same, that fans of the Titan page are doing the harassing.

The Titan page has been around since Ted Dodenhoff was accused and later found guilty of stealing and trapping a neighbor cat and knowingly leaving it to die in the hot summer heat.

The Operation Pussylockdown page has gone so far and to insinuate they’ll be going after feral colony caregivers for supporting feral colonies. Perhaps they should go after those who abandon cats in the first place. Just saying…

cat abandonment paragrapj
photo Operation Pussylockdown

I know this article is going to be shared with both community pages. I’m curious to see how the comments will read from both sides. Has anyone been threatened by these cat haters? Please feel free to tell your experience in the comment section.



4 thoughts on “Operation Pussylockdown: A “global movement to keep pet cats indoors” or do they promote cat cruelty?”

  1. I read some of their page, I am a supporter of Titan will not be forgotten! This heinous page needs to be ended ! It is absurd that Facebook allows such hatred to continue to operate! I find that blanket totally sickening. If their is a way to petition their (operation pussylockdown) I will gladly sign it!

  2. The OPL page is advocating the culling of all feral cats.They pretend they want to save wildlife and Cats for getting hurt if you let them go outside.This is a Bloody lie!!! They are nothing but Cat haters.I’ve seen Comments about how to poison Cats or how to Trapp/kill.And also how to shoot Cats.

  3. This Group is advocating the culling of all feral cats.They are giving Advises how to poison and kill/trap Cats.They are showing Pics of Dead and abused Cats and just to cheer up the sadistic Mob of their followers.It is a Page for cat haters. They pretent they want to save Wildlife…Bloody lie.

  4. This is going to result n someone getting physically hurt if not worse. This promotes such cruelty. Just let someone try to stop a person from being a caregiver and it will not end well.


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