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Opioid Abusers Are Taking Their Pet’s Prescriptions — 6 Comments

  1. Pain killers such as Tramadol and up for your pet are Controlled Substances. Tramadol is on the bottom of that list – but is still on the list! Vets and pharmacies MUST report the sale and use of these drugs (date, amount and for what pet). That’s a national database so therefore you can’t “doctor shop.” I once needed a couple extra Tramadol tablets for my dog but was turned down. Had to wait until the next “fill date” even though everyone knew me and my dog. “We aren’t allowed …”
    Drug users will do ANYTHING to get more drugs. Hurting an animal so he can get Tramadol for it isn’t out of their realm. They’ve even sold their dog for drug money! OK? People have sold their kids for drugs. Drug users are out of control and should be in an institution other than a prison. They used to be!

    Tramadol for a person is like taking 2 OTC “pain killers.”

  2. Why would a veterinarian prescribe a painkiller solely on the word of the pet owner? Wouldn’t the veterinarian want to first examine the pet to verify it is in pain? That should be a giant red flag. I have never met a veterinarian who would do such a thing.

    • I think what is happening is that the pet owner sees more than one vet and the vet sees the cat or dog and then prescribes painkillers but the pet owner asks for a specific type of painkiller one which is an opioid such as tramadol.

      • That’s tragic for people with legitimate and chronic pain. They really need relief in order to function normally. These drug abusers are causing the government to outlaw the only help for chronic pain suffers.

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