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  1. I have a long haired orange tabby cat a male not extremely long haired. But he was born with a defective right eye. I wonder how much blind he really is. He is very alert. His name is Davie

    • Hi David. Nice to hear from you. Even fully blind cats cope really well so your cat will certainly hide his defect in sight. I am sure his behavior is almost identical to a fully sighted cat. A vet to do a test but I suspect you’re not interested in that.

  2. Stunning photo of “FAOLAN” by Dani, which also occupies pride of place in “Wikepedia Encyclopedia” on Persian cats.I have personally edited a small section of “TRADITIONAL PERSIAN CATS” on “Wikepedia”.Thanks to “P.O.C” have come to know of the origin and breeding of “Faolan” a real beauty of the “Traditional Persian Cat”.
    Below is the photo of my orange traditional Persian cat “Matata” filmed by a former journalist photographer of India Mr Leonard.Aarons from Bangalore who happens to have also been my school classmate in Mumbai decades ago.Notice the fierceness in the cats face.He casually clicked these photo’s during a visit to my residence , without “Studio lights” etc.

    • This is a different sort of photo of Matata. It shows his strong face. It is nice to see a Persian cat that is called a piece of furniture (passive) looking like a real cat, a strong cat. In other words like the original Persian cat.

      Nice photo, Rudolph.

  3. My orange tabby is my best friend i could ever have. He had kittens with my girl cat and made 5 kitties!! one was black and white(like her mommy) and one was black,white and orange stripey tabby(tabby is the daddy) and two were black and one was calico, browny-blackey, creamy color, and black. the black,n,white one was killed by a cyote while we were in New York. we gave the others away except the black ones, no one wanted them. they left us the boys(the rest were girls)

  4. Stunning. Ever since Red, I have a thing for orange tabbys. He had a swirl pattern and long hair – just a moggie, but perfect. I like this persian because he is traditional. Very attractive, even the nose, unlike the US persians who look like they have moustaches from over breeding. One day, when I have moved to a more rural place, I will look out for another fluffy orange boy like Red. I miss him. This persian also has orange eyes like my Red. So much orange, it’s fantastic. But I don’t think they should be viewed as less than by breeders.

    • I like orange cats too. The ones I have seen and read about are nice characters. I wouldn’t normally associate character with coat colour and type but there does seem to be a connection. This orange Persian is superb looking cat. He is a Dutch cat. He is still alive as far as I know.

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