Oriental Shorthair shows his webbed feet and claws


Уже стерилизована, ищет дом

Posted by Маша Иванова on Monday, March 29, 2021

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On this page you see a black Oriental Shorthair cat selectively bred in Russia. The colour balance is a bit off which is why it looks a bit red. The cat is being held by the breeder so that she can make a video of him (I have presumed that he is male for the sake of convenience). He struggles to be put down. She resists. This leads to him showing us is webbed feet. Sometimes people ask if domestic cats have webbed feet. They are very visible on hairless cats but less so on conventional cats because the fur hides the webbing. You can see the webbed toes very clearly. The claws are very visible too. And so is the very slender body of this breed.

The three outstanding physical features of the Oriental Shorthair, for me, are (1) the huge cheers (2) the long slender body and legs and (3) the long face. All these features are unnatural but selective breeding creates this and it means that this cat breed can be distinguished clearly from others which is one of the goals of the cat fancy.

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