Oriental Shorthair With Penetrating Eyes

Oriental Shorthair With Penetrating Eyes

by Des

Went to a friends house for the first time .. completely unaware of certain behavior of the Oriental Shorthair was amazed with the behavior of one of her cats.

He literally stared "ongoing", at his owner and at one point focused on analyzing me with "eyes" that penetrated my very soul.

Honestly, I've never experienced such a peculiar thing 🙂

Goose bumps that won't stop ..


Hi Des.... interesting. I have never heard of this before.

The reason may be linked to cat intelligence. The Oriental Shorthair being part of the Siamese family of cats is thought of as being one of the most intelligent cat breeds.

Perhaps this individual is particularly intelligent and has a greater awareness of what is happening than we believe. Perhaps he was simply taking stock when he looked at you and was connecting with his owner when he looked at her.

I expect the owner had a very close relationship with her cat. That can help to develop the way a cat relates to people and particularly the owner (cat caretaker).

Thanks for visiting and telling us about your Oriental Shorthair experience.


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