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Origin of Cat Declawing — 14 Comments

  1. Too many cats have suffered, many are still suffering and many more to come will suffer yet because of the invention of this cruel surgery

  2. Yet in this 21st century, Cats are still subject to this torture by young veterinarians who pride themselves on the use of modern,”non-invasive” laser. How did these generations of veterinary students, since the 1950’s, NOT MARCH ON THE DEANS’ OFFICES and HOWL in PROTEST AGAINST this mutilation?! Declaw veterinarians: your “ethics” are as debased as dog-fighters.

    • Yes, they have totally lost or never had their moral compass. Declawing should never have happened as it is the opposite to what should happen at a veterinary clinic. Shame on these people.

  3. American vets embraced the opportunity to cash in on this unnecessary amputation, while 44 other civilized countries made it a felony. Shame on them. Shame, shame, shame.

    Please actively educate your friends and help us #outlawdeclaw #AVMAtellthetruth #AVMAHATESCATS #AVMAbullieskittens.

    #pawproject #cityTheKitty

  4. Vile utterly vile what a world of sick evil cruelty and depravity. Some will do anything for money 🙁 there are some things I just wish I didn’t know about and this is one of them 🙁

  5. I don’t know what the origin of declawing is, but it is something about which people need to be informed. Many people (myself included) really had no idea of what was involved.

  6. Surely this can’t be true! I sincerely hope it is not.
    To think of cats claws being torn out by these rotten excuses for human beings to throw helpless cats to their dogs is too unbearable.
    Bad enough the vets who experimented on newly born kittens to older cats, to ‘perfect’ declawing, causing those cats agony and causing millions of cats since then agony too and still causing cats agony even now.
    It’s horrible and cruel and yes Michael I agree that the people who have their cats declawed are partly to blame, have they no brains to think for themselves how cruel it is?

    • Unbearable and disgusting. Humans invented hell. I believe the ones who perpetuate it deserve it themselves. Do unto others as you want for yourself, and ‘others’ includes animals in my book.

      • Good description. This “theory” of the origins of declawing rings true but there is a quite a lot uncertainty. For sure cats are used a bait (still are, I am sure of that). Whether they were declawed is less certain but it makes sense. It follows what dog fighters did to dogs that were used as bait. They ground down their teeth so they were defenseless. A very similar concept to declawing. Dog fighting is a monstrous pastime and the people who enjoy are the kind of people who could declaw a cat themselves. Remember that case recently of the man who did DIY declaw? A good part of the human race is simply horrible.

    • With the exception of being thrown to the dogs, pun intended visualize that, the human reason behind the violence perpetrated against the feline doesn’t matter in the least, except the poor”owned” cat must live with it.

      What is truly despicable is the way the AVMA made this indefensible mutilation socially acceptable and encouraged it’s practice to the tune of 20,000,000 or so cats a year. Shamefully they neglect informing and educating their clients that declawing is a felony in 44 civilized countries, and is an amputation of P3 bone. They minimalized pain and damage, invest in better ways to perform more, faster, and even advertise special sales!!! The myths/excuses are lies, easily proven wrong if anyone looks for the truth.

      The AVMA has made us into a country of toeless cats. #ShameOnYouDoctors

      It truly is a matter if respect and ethics, neither of which allow you to amputate perfectly healthy toes. I will never again employ a vet who declaws. I can’t trust them to tell the truth.

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