Other Purebred Out-Crosses NOT Well Established

by Jerrie Wolfe
(Sonoma, CA USA)

Quoted from above written by Anthony Nichols,

“The outcrossing of LaPerms with other pedigree breeds was well established in the USA before the breed was ever exported to Europe. CFA officially approved an outcrossing programme using Ocicats (including Ocicat x Abyssinian hybrids). The offspring of these cats became key lines in the breeding programme and are behind many LaPerm lines.”

This is a false and misleading statement. In 2001 CFA only allowed out-crossing to non-spotted (AOV) Ocicats for a 2-year period ONLY.

Crossing Abyssinians and Siamese developed Ocicats as a breed. There is no such thing as an Ocicat x Abyssinian hybrid, as Abyssinians and Siamese were allowed out-crosses, and later American Shorthair (the breed, not to be confused with an American domestic) as well.

During these 2 years only two breeders used Ocicats and there were only 5 litters produced. Five litters within a breed does not make “outcrossing of LaPerms with other pedigree breeds was well established in the USA.”.

Ms. “Andy” Lawrence (Uluru) produced 3 litters of Ocicats out-crosses, 2 before it was allowed.

Andy was the driving force to get the Ocicat as an allowed out-cross.

In 1998 Kloshe BB Paha Sapa x Alspots Brown Betty of Uluru (F)

In 1999 Uluru BC Suns Blaze x Hotspotz Oranda of Uluru (F)

In 2001 Sweetmewsic Classical Gas (M) x Uluru BC Omaste Po of Quincunx before she was exported to the UK

Mr. Peter Meisinger (HattKatts) produced 2 litters:

In 2001 Zauber Rising Fawn of Woodlandacre (M), both out of Silamos/Uluru BC RCI Softwear (There are two different prefixes because she was registered in CFA with Silamos and in TICA with Uluru.

Could you please add the LaPerm Fanciers International (http://www.lapermfanciers.com) to your list of LaPerm Clubs?

We are the largest international LaPerm Club, even though we have no affiliation with one single registry. Maybe this is why we are the largest international club?

Jerrie Wolfe
TICA LaPerm Breed Chair
V.P. LaPerm Fanciers International

Arohanui LaPerms
Other Purebred Out-Crosses NOT Well Established to LaPerm Cat

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Other Purebred Out-Crosses NOT Well Established

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Dec 01, 2009
Breed history corrected
by: Alice

For the sake of the breed history, it is great to see the mistakes corrected. Being a fairly recent breed, those who were around when it it developed in the USA can give the correct facts to the rest of the world.

Nov 27, 2009
Regarding the LaPerm allowed outcross
by: Anonymous

Thank you Jerrie for clarifying the mis-information submitted by Anthony Nichols. You very clearly listed the allowable outcross with how many litters produced and who did the breedings.

You supplied verifiable information, Mr Nichols did not and in reading other items that Mr Nichols has posted on occasion, his views and opinions have never been substantiated by any facts on the issues.

Nov 27, 2009
I can
by: Michael

Thank you, Jerrie, for your article. I can certainly add the LaPerm Fanciers International as one of the listed clubs and will do it right now.

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