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Ouch, Jesus, God, impatient kitten can’t wait for dinner — 3 Comments

  1. Been there with my ‘Ailbe’ pronounced (All-Bay)photo is him,he has become a foster failure because I nursed him back to health after being attacked by 2 german shepherds at 5 weeks of age and I became verra protective him and the only way I would allow him to be adopted was with 3 conditions…
    1.Indoor only.
    2.No dogs in the home.
    3.No Deboning wot so ever.

    But the potential adopter he did have would not agree to have me present with a volunteer from the organization I was fostering for for his home check and to me that was suspect so I told the organization he is mine since I know his habits,quirks and personality and they agreed.

  2. Gosh, that man was very restrained.

    Mungo here, likes the mewing kitten, he’s mooching around behind this little tablet, to see what’s up

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