Our Beloved Mr Jinx

Our Beloved Mr Jinx

by Adam Lauer
(St. Joseph, Missouri)

The Awesome Mr. Jinx

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The Awesome Mr. Jinx

I have been in love with cats since I can remember as I was raised with cats from day one of birth... my parents have always taken in stray cats and they now have a few Maine Coons in their bunch of 19 cats.. LOL

Well I moved out on my own with my wonderful girlfriend and her 3 kids (7, 4 & 2) and we decided it was time for a pet and figured a cat would be perfect for us and the kids so off we went in search of a cat.

The story starts when my girlfriend drove 60 miles to pick up a cat from a lady who had cancer and could no longer take care of her cats.

Well the cat ended up running out the door as they were trying to get it into the carrier.. LOL

Long story short we did not catch the cat. 🙁 we both felt horrible.. there were no more cats in the paper so we headed off to the local animal shelter.

When we walked in and we looked into the cat area we spotted our big boy Mr. Jinx. He was a 3yr old male Maine Coon that weighed in at 16lbs and was skin and bones.. So we adopted him immediately and have had him for 2 months.

He is weighing in at 20lbs now and is an awesome cat.. It amazes us both how someone could let him go.. I guess that is just us though and our love for cats (especially Maine Coons.

Thanks for your time... pictures of our big boy Mr. Jinx is attached.


Here is another picture:

mr Jinx maine coon cat

Another update 30th May 2010...

Well my fiancee and I adopted another cat from a girl who took him as a therapy cat for her son as her son has a touch sensory disability. Her apartment got broke into so she moved and was unable to keep the cat where she moved to....that's the background info.

He is a male 2yr old possibly either Main Coon or Ragdoll not for sure as he is not a full blooded cat.. but none the less he gorgeous and has become part of our family. His name is Whisper and our Mr.Jinx's new best friend.. Just thought i would share our good news..

Here is a photo of Whisper:

cat called Whisper


Our Beloved Mr Jinx to Maine Coon Cats

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Our Beloved Mr Jinx

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Jun 01, 2010 Mr. JInx & Whisper
by: Anonymous

We see our cats as children. We have a 7yr old boy(human) 4yr old boy(human) and 3 2yr olds 1 female(human) and 2 male (felines) LOL... but they are all our children and we love as such.. would not have it any other way... thanks guys once agian....

Jun 01, 2010 Whisper and Mr.Jinx
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Congrats on the good news, Adam. Having another cat's company will be such a good thing for Mr Jinx - and for Whisper too of course. Having more than one cat gives us humans the opportunity to see that cats are not just cats, but can be very different individuals. 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

Jun 01, 2010 Amazing Jake, my loving Maine Coon/ KathyH., FL
by: Kathy Hanzek - Englewood, FL, USA

Hi I've had my loving Jake now for nearly 6 years. He is such a loyal friend, and so vocal when he wants food, or to go outside on our lanai to hunt the little gecko or anole lizards. HE is pure orange/red, and gets along pretty well with my other cat Dutchess, an 18 year old Norwegian Forrest kitty. Such wonderful cats, my little angels, Kathy.

May 31, 2010 Adam & Stacy
by: Merrily

Your boys are stunning, how lucky you are to have found them.
We never know why such beautiful cats end up at a shelter, sometimes things happen in ones life that most of us couldn't imagine, and other times the owner simply passes away.
Whatever the reason, you have two lucky boys who have found you both. It is easy to see you are both cat lovers, and they have found their home.
Enjoy them, they are special.

May 19, 2010 welcome
by: kathy

Welcome to the wonderful world of cat lovers. My Lia wieghs in at about 20lbs. He is not just a cat but he is part of me. You can read about him on this site. Your cat is lovely and he looks like he is part of the family as it should be.

May 17, 2010 THX
by: Adam & Stacy

thanks guys.. there isnt enough words to say how much that my girlfriend and i love cats and OUR BELOVED MR.JINX. I just wanted to tell u guys thanks and that i love this website. lots of information, pictures and stories.. glad to be a part of it... thanks again adam & stacy

May 16, 2010 Another amazing shelter cat
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Adam. He is a very beautiful and impressive cat. With amazing shelter cats like him you always wonder how they ended up in that situation, but anyway, somebody else's loss was your gain - and Mr Jinx's too.
I like that you say he 'weighed in at 16 lbs and was skin and bones'. You sure got yourself a BIG cat... 😉

Finn Frode avatar

May 14, 2010 Rescue
by: Michael

It amazes me too how people can relinquish a cat like Mr Jinx as he is truly awesome. He looks fabulous. Perhaps the previous owner's circumstances changed dramatically.

However, from my standpoint the only thing that would make me relinquish my cats is my death.

Thanks for showing us Mr Jinx.

Michael Avatar

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