Our Brit Female is Named Velvet

Our Brit Female is Named Velvet

by Dan Warner
(Greenwood, Iniana)

I began volunteering November 08 at a local animal shelter and a major part of the duties includes socializing the cats. Velvet had been there since October. As the months went by I really fell in love with Velvet because of her sweet nature, and her tendency to rub my nose while I held her. My wife and I were reluctant to adopt again as we are getting to the sunset years and hate to leave a cat behind. I hoped someone would adopt Velvet, but as the months went by no one was interested, and a black cat in a cage does not show well.

Finally as the spring crop of kittens overloaded the facility I knew that Velvet would have to go soon to make room for the kittens. I talked with my wife and we decided that we could not let such a sweet gentle girl go.

So we have had Velvet for 3 weeks and she is as lovable a cat as we have ever had, and we’ve had some good ones. She is faithful to use her scratching post and litter pan, finicky about food (she gets Iams because it’s one of the best) loves to play with toys (Da Bird is her favorite).

Can’t say enough about these Brits. My first choice.

Dan Warner

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Our Brit Female is Named Velvet

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Jun 30, 2009
Suki The Sweetest Cat Ever… I am biased!
by: Sue, Manchester UK

Suki is my pride and joy, I can’t wait to wake up to see her waiting for me to play with her favourite feather toy. She runs when I call her and she shakes a paw for a treat,she is incredibly beautiful and really makes me laugh and sometimes even cry because she is so cute!

Jun 22, 2009
by: Rudolph.A.furtado

Brit shorthaired cats have excellent coats and “Nox” the jet black cat is a real beauty.

Jun 21, 2009
Hi Dan
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

I agree. They are great cats. You may have read that my first experience with a purebred British Shorthair cat was when I met the Flick’s cats in Fort Worth, Dallas (I am in London, UK). They live with two, Nox (black) and Sky (blue). Sky is so cute with her silent voice and Nox has the best coat of all the cats that I have ever touched. A pure pleasure to stroke, thick velvety and luxurious. Thanks for the submission. It is a nice story. The best kind of story.

Here is a picture of Nox:

British Shorthair Cat NOX

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