Our Broken Cats Got Fixed by Furby

By Furby the Feral


Furby a rescue cat
Furby – photo by Elisa
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Hi everybody! It’s Furby! Our broken cats got fixed today and boy am I glad. Mama wanted to tell this story but as a fixed cat (yes, I was neutered at a very young age), I think I can tell it a lot better than mama can.

I’ve been afraid for the past week as that “neutering” word kept coming up a lot. I kept my ears open to be sure nobody was talking about me. I’m a cat, but I wasn’t sure if a cat would have to be neutered more than once. For all the cats out there reading this, you don’t. Neutering is only done one time and here’s the story I wrote with the help of mama on MY neutering. It’s at I got neutered by Furby.

I kept waiting for the food to be taken away last night. It wasn’t. Sissy Laura put our boy cats Jasper and Sammy in her room for the night so we didn’t have to go all night hungry. Mama took Cujo our cat/dog to bed with her so he couldn’t get into food or water. I admit I got a little scared when Laura was washing out our cage and asked me if I was ready to go to the v-e-t. I can spell so I guess she did that so Jasper and Sammy and Cujo didn’t know what she was talking about. I’m just glad she was kidding when she asked me. I was so young when I was neutered that I almost don’t remember it. I still think that’s why my neck didn’t grow thick and I have the body of a bowling pin when I’m sitting up.

For those of you that don’t know, neutering is a bad surgery on a cat. We have to go without food or water for HOURS and then go to a strange place where strange (but nice) people bore us until we go to sleep and then we wake up with something not quick right “down there.” As far as hurting, it’s not so bad. I do think the nice people who talk to us and pet us should find something more interesting to talk about when they put us on that cold table. They make it so hard to stay awake and listen to them…

Speaking of bad, I’ve been a very bad kitty because I’ve been telling Sammy and Jasper the vet will cut off something they like to lick but I didn’t tell them what it was. Teeheehee.

Anyway, Sammy and Jasper had their neutering Monday along with little Cujo. Cujo came home looking tired and Sammy and Jasper came home DRUNK. There’s nothing worse than two cats stumbling around in a cage except my having to watch two cats stumbling around in that cage and getting all dizzy. Did I ever look like that? I don’t think so!

Well, here’s mama to give her side of things. I just wanted to go first since I’m a cat. Um…and I’m always right…


Jasper, Sammy and Cujo all had their neutering surgeries on Monday. We kept them confined without food and water overnight and Laura and I had them at the vet before 8a.m. Sammy and Jasper were done first as male cats are easier to do than male dogs. Please check out this article I did earlier in the week showing YouTube videos of a cat neuter and a dog neuter. I added a cat spay video as an afterthought. It’s at Cat Neuter vs Dog Neuter.

Sammy and Jasper were done quickly. We could hear Dr. Kinard and the vet tech in the back room talking about Cujo as they were preparing him for his neutering. He didn’t want to go to sleep for them. He’s a very friendly puppy and I guess he just wanted to stay awake and enjoy the attention his new “friends” were paying him.

Dr. Kinard got his degree back in the mid 1950’s, so he’s done thousands of spay/neuter operations. He could probably do a neutering with his eyes closed.

What amazed us was how quickly the cats and Cujo were awake after the operation was completed. The vet tech called us back into the operating room as soon as the surgery on Cujo was over and he was he received one little stitch. Sammy and Jasper were in their cage in the floor and were quite tipsy. Cujo was laying on his side on the table moving around. I’m not sure it’s normal for an anesthetic to wear off so quickly. I’d always pictured the animal staying knocked out at least a few hours. I do commend the vet for anesthetizing the animals only long enough to do the surgery as this likely cuts risks associated with anesthesia.

Everyone is at home now where they’ll be confined overnight so as not to injure their respective incisions. Sammy and Jasper didn’t have stitches (which is the norm) and Cujo has one stitch. We can remove it after two weeks or take Cujo back to the vet for removal. Sammy is being very loving and Jasper is giving Laura the cold shoulder. Cujo is napping on the couch.

All of the cats are now spayed or neutered.

Cujo is a very relaxed, laid back pup. He’s only hyper when he and the cats chase each other all over the house. Especially Brinkley and Mandy. Cujo has his own puppy toys, but he’s being raised as a cat by the cats. He runs across the back of the couch, along the cat table, and then lands on his feet whenever he jumps off the furniture. I get the feeling this is going to make for some very interesting stories.


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