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Our Cats And The Special Relationships They Have — 14 Comments

      • I just wanted everyone to see we don’t have perfect cats all the time. I forgot to mention after the calm cats are introduced to a new cat the next step is leaving the bedroom door open and allowing the new cat to wander into the living room. The new cat would usually run back quite a few times the first few days, then feel safe enough to check out the living room and kitchen. We never rush things.

      • Very laid back. He’s also good around food when we eat. He waits patiently for a bite. All of our cats love broccoli and spinach treats. And they know the sound of a cheese wrapped from 2 rooms away. Jasper, Sammy and Mandy are our active cats. And Cujo our cat-dog chases and gets chased by them on a daily basis. They’re so much fun to watch. Brinkley likes to wrestle with the boys. I wish I could video that. They have so much fun.

        • What is this with broccoli and spinach? Have you written about this before? I think you have. But it is very unusual for cats to like “greens” as we call them in the UK.

          • Furby loves spinach pizza. And Sealy and the others go crazy over steamed broccoli. I found out about the green veggies years ago when my first cat Smoky turned up and all we had to give her was canned green peas. She loved them. Our cats also like green beans. They won’t touch turnip greens tho.

              • Michael you won’t believe the times I’ve been critisized for not feeding our cats a vegetarian diet. It’s hard to convince some people cats need meat. But obviously some people feed their cats strictly veggies, which vets agree can cause health issues.

  1. Thanks for this Elisa. Of course I have read it word for word. What I get from it is that cats are like people when it comes to getting along with others in a group. Most do get along (probably because it is better for the whole). Some are very nice characters (Brinkley seems to that sort of character) who probably contribute more to group cohesion than others and some are less sociable or downright impossible.

    Also the fact that you chose from pictures is very unusual. However, I think you are very skilled at cat caretaking which may account for the general harmony amongst the cats.

    It does prove once again that stresses can build in multi-cat households because there will be some antagonistic behavior. It is probably impossible to chose cats that you know will get along. I am not how a person can do that unless they are close relatives.

    I would have thought that the best group – a smaller one – would be entirely siblings if harmony needs to be guaranteed.

    • I agree that Elisa is just very good at it so her cats mostly get along and are happy and stimulated.

      I honestly believe that most cats can get along but in a person’s home that can be less easy then out in the wild. So the home has to be the right kind of place with a good atmosphere and generally happy ans satisfied cats – and then only in unusual cases will you have a specific cat or two who just need to be alone in a home without other cats. Of course these cats do appear but equally I’d say many cats in people’s homes who apparently don’t get along, don’t get along because the home is insufficient for them or too much – either way they are stressed and that just makes them want to be alone more.

      • I think one of the major potential stressors in multicat homes is the space. Cats are forced to share what are called “home ranges”. The natural size of territory for an individual domestic cat might be several acres to a lot more than that. In a full-time indoor home environment sharing it with other cats the amount of space each cat has is about ten square feet. That takes a lot of adaptation. Females require less space and perhaps adapt better. I don’t know.

        You’re right. It’s about making the available space as cat-friendly as possible to ease these potential tensions.

        • I don’t believe the 10 square foot rule has been explained to these cats. Lucky and Renny sleep curled up together in my room. Several of the other cats go back there and visit with them with no issues. Then when the visiting cat is ready to come out it will meow at the door.

          Jasper and Sammy seem to hold equal power in the household as being the dominant males. Furby is our nosiest cat, but he thinks it’s his job to patrol the house and keep everything running smoothly.

          Laura is the one that amazes me. She’s with the cats almost all the time and she knows when one is about to get sick. I get woken up in time for a vet visit when that happens. Thankfully we’ve only had to deal with a few bouts this year. Laura watches to be sure each cat is eating and if they stop eating she knows something is wrong. Laura can also tell how many times a day each cat has been to the litter box. I’d go so far as she can tell who’s in the litter box just by identifying cat gas as they go. She deserves a medal.

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