by Ruth

Some people may think having a Coffee Morning in a Funeral Home is quite strange, but our fifth annual one for Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary at Barbara’s place of work had more guests than we have ever had before.

Some of the many people who came brought cat food and biscuits and some pitched in and helped with the washing up and the raffle ticket duties.

Poster by Ruth

We also had a Bunny Tombola kindly donated by our Cats Protection Co-ordinator Marion, it’s so nice that our local animal rescues support each other too.

Barbara had made her famous cheese scones and chocolate cake and as usual every crumb was eaten.

The Easter bonnet competition attracted 16 entries and the judge decided that as they were all so beautiful, not only would there be a first and second prize but a joint third prize too for 3 of the bonnets he also liked.

Barbara and I wore ours and to be fair we didn’t enter them into the competition, they were just to encourage anyone who might have felt shy about theirs.

We raised £225.61 which is the most money ever made at any of our Coffee Mornings for various charities!

We were so busy that we didn’t have time to take many photos.

Leanne from Kays Hill brought 2 rabbits along as it would be too stressful for cats to be amongst so many strangers but the money was for the cats of course and will go towards the new cattery which is coming along beautifully now.

Kevin and Leanne have worked so hard to achieve their dream despite so many obstacles along the way.

We hope to soon have more photos of the progress of the new cattery, to share here on PoC.

It’s the time of year when more cats and unwanted kittens are relinquished to Sanctuaries and they need every penny to keep doing their good work.

Thank you again to those who donated to Kays Hill via PoC too and to Michael for setting up the paypal button for them when their own was hacked into and the money taken.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Apr 11, 2012 Scones NEW
by: Ruth

Yes Sylvia, we thought we’d be griddling scones on the hot stones outside lol but thankfully the new cooker arrived in the nick of time.
I know you almost had an apoplexy on our behalf!
Leanne you have lovely hair, I’d swap with you any day! I wish we’d got a better photo of you on Thursday, should have got you to pose in your bonnet.
I said to Babz, next Easter if we do an event to have painted eggs lol they wouldn’t take so much room up or as much judging.
Anyway just happy it all went so well and I did manage to get one of Babz scones AND a bit of her famous chocolate cake too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 11, 2012 bunny tombola NEW
by: leanne

i’ve only just realised that i did’nt say thank you to marion from cpl for the bunny tombola she loaned us for the coffee morning, i’m so sorry. marion if you’re there, thank you so very much, we really appreciated your kindness and i’m very sorry i did’nt say this in my previous comment, i did mean to.

Apr 11, 2012 hi sylvia NEW
by: leanne

oh sylvia you have made me laugh with your thomas hardy quote. everyone has something to say about my mad and unruly hair, but no-one has ever put it so beautifully!! what made me laugh was the thought that my temper is stilled when my hair is brushed, hair brushes have been known to be lost and never seen again in my hair and as for a ‘thin fillet of black velvet’ holding back my hair – the velvet has’nt been invented that could control my mop, especially if its windy!!! thank you so much for such a lovely comment, you’ve made my day. by the way, those cheese scones of barbara’s truly are delish.

Apr 08, 2012 Hi – Babz and Ruthie —- NEW
by: Sylvia Ann

You’re two-legged hearts, is what you are.

Have not yet recovered from the ‘cooker’ saga, and thank the Teapot you both survived the agony. Was a time, there, when you were thinking you’d have to be baking the cheese-crumpet dough on stonss in your backyard, remember?

Your pastries and cakes sound d.t.f., and the guests must have enjoyed every crumb.

Was overcome by the shot of the cutie-pie judge in suit and tie, by the way. Our judges down here (as in judicial) wear lumber shirts and jeans under their flowing robes.

Hearty congratlations on the success of your Easter party, and a thunderous round of applause for your wonderful sales rep who saw to it that your stove arrived in time.

Leanne – are you there? Here’s something for you:

‘To see her hair was to fancy that a whole winter did not contain darkness enough to form its shadow: it closed over her forehead like nightfall extinguishing the western glow.

‘Her nerves extended into those tresses, and her temper could always be softened by stroking them down. When her hair was brushed, she would instantly sink into stillness and look like the Sphinx. If, in passing under one of the Egdon banks, any of the thick skeins were caught, as they sometimes were, by a prickly tuft of furze or gorse – which acted as a sort of hair-brush – she would go back a few steps, and pass against it a second time.

‘…Across the upper part of her head she wore a thin fillet of black velvet, restraining the luxuriance of her shady hair in a way that added much to this class of majesty by irregularly clouding her forehead.’

[Thomas Hardy]


Apr 08, 2012 Kudos NEW
by: Ted

Sounds like a real good happy event and what a grand total raised at a time when almost everyone is struggling to survive due to government cuts.
Your town sounds to have a close knitted great community spirit where people care about animals as well as each other.
All kudos to everyone involved.

Apr 08, 2012 what would we do without them? NEW
by: leanne

sorry i hav’nt been on to comment until now, been a busy few days. thursday was a hectic day but a great day for us. the coffee morning was a resounding success, the best one we’ve ever had! lots of people attended and very much enjoyed the delicious fare provided by babz (thank god that new cooker arrived in time barbara!) as well as raising £225+ a lot of pet food was also brought along and donated as well as bedding and such too. many, many thanks to all those kind people who gave their time to come along, i know everyone enjoyed themselves. the coffee mornings are always very well organised by barbara and ruth they can’t help but go smoothly. my hat was in being judged when that photo of me was taken i think ed, it was white with rabbits and flowers on, it did’nt win (boo hoo, poor me!). thank you so very much ruth and babz for all your efforts for kays hill, as i said at the start what would we do without you? by the way asterix the cat has been found a new home, he went yesterday. believe it or not we have another kitten with a hernia, well she had one, she’s been to the vet and had the op in the last few days and is fine, she’s called misty and can be quite feisty as the bites and scratches on my hand can vouch for. oh well it comes with the territory. thank you again for everything, it was lovely seeing everyone on thursday i don’t get much chance to have a good natter with folk so i really enjoyed it. your cheese scones just keep getting better babz. see you soon.

Apr 08, 2012 Well done ladies NEW
by: Rose

I wish I could have been there,it sounds like you had fun for all it was hard work.I’d have given you a hand.
What a great result,that money will surely help the cattery funds.
Poor little Gertie I wish the right person would come along to adopt her,being in care since last May is a long time,I hope her turn for a home happens soon.

Apr 08, 2012 It was a great day NEW
by: Barbara

It really was a day and a half that one! I’ve never seen so many people in there at once, we reckoned there were at least 30 people through the door in the three hours.The bonnets were lovely and of course the result of £225.61 was amazing so thank you to everyone who helped in any way, even good wishes sent via the Internet were valued.

Barbara avatar

Apr 08, 2012 Thank you NEW
by: Ruth

Thanks everyone and Leah thanks for the fiver you emailed me is on its way for Kays Hill, that will buy 12 big tins of cat food and be much appreciated!
You are so kind.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 08, 2012 Go girls!! NEW
by: Leah (England)

Wow! Girl power!! What a great way to raise money and enjoy yourselves at the same time!!

The pictures say it all you can just see you’re having such fun!!

Kays Hill must be over the moon! Well done!!

Apr 08, 2012 Wonderful! NEW
by: Maggie

What a great turn out! Good on you and Barbara for going to so much effort to raise donations for Kays Hill! They’re so lucky they’ve got you to support them! It sounds like you had a great time, too.

Apr 07, 2012 Well done NEW
by: Edward

Man that was a good result and I love the bonnets.
Where was yours Leanne?
I know from Mrs Ed doing good works what a lot of hard graft it means so well done ladies.

Apr 06, 2012 Hard work brings great rewards ! NEW
by: keenpetite

Congratulations & kudos to everyone for organizing a great event to help our purry/furry friends,yes, lots of hard work but the rewards are priceless.
Homes were found for cats that some callous insensitive person abandoned, owning/adopting a catm(s) is a life long commitments.
They become part of our families & we’re rewarded greatly by them in very special ways.
Our family has been cat lovers/rescuers/helpers for over 50 years & don’t regret a single minute.
Looking forward with anticipation to grand opening of “Kays Hill Cattery”
Southeast Arizona,USA

Apr 06, 2012 Admiration NEW
by: Michael

Thanks for posting Ruth. Great effort to raise a good amount of money. I have a lot admiration for all of you. It is quite hard work I should think organising this sort of event. But rewarding when it works out well.

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