Our feral cat went from a Little Piggy to a Little Angel

Our feral cat went from a Little Piggy to a Little Angel


Seven years ago, around Christmas, a feral kitten followed my Labrador Shelby into the house. I fed her and let her out, but the next day in she came again. She loved my dog but not so much humans.

My husband trapped her in a cat carrier and to the vet we went. We called her “Little B—–” because she scratched everyone in the vets office. She was spayed and received vaccines.

She eats everything, human, dog and cat food. As a result we called her “Little Piggy”. Five years later she has never left my home; an indoor feral cat.

She is as sweet as can be but still leery of humans, including me. She likes to sleep in my finished basement during the night.

Little Piggy came into my room one night around 4am and meowed at me. I got up and followed her 3 flights down to the basement with her meowing all the way.

There was a water leak from one pipe and it had just started when she came to get me. Shelby the lab would have thought “indoor pool, great”.

Little Piggy saved me a lot of cleaning up and a lot of $$$, so what do we call her now ‘LITTLE ANGEL’


Hi Barb…. Thanks for talking about Little Angel. If you have a picture please send me one and I’ll publish it on the page.


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Our feral cat went from a Little Piggy to a Little Angel

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Jan 29, 2010 I have a feral too
by: Joyce Sammons

My Furby is quickly becoming famous. He’s a feral I rescued and was near death. He did like your kitty. Right down to having a dog as a best friend. Don’t be surprised to find them curled up together. Furby pops my boxer mix on the nose to make him wake up and play.

Jan 28, 2010 I love this story!It is so funny!
by: Julie,Alhambra.Il.USA

I would love to see a picture of Angel cat/piggy.
Ferals in the bedroom are a definate no no. I use to let them in but cats tend to be nocternal and like to keep you a wake playing. Once Boots attacked my eyes as I went into rem .It was scary way to wake up. They would all wake us for water except Freya who is very indiffrent to water. we have to keep her out of the bath tub.
My vet said they’re are self feeders and they have to have food set out for them at all times and then the ones who will eat till they make themselves sick; if you have one of them then only set the food out for twenty minutes then take it away. he also said that cat food is like icecream to a dog. They want it but it is not good for them because a cat has a higher metabolic rate…it is hard to keep the dog out of the cat food!Good luck!Thanks for the story.

Jan 28, 2010 Little Angel
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Barb, what a wonderful story about your Little Angel. Since she likes sleeping downstairs, no way was she going to get her paws wet, LOL! (I agree with Ruth, the dog would delight in the prospect of an indoor swimming pool.)

Jan 28, 2010 Little Angel
by: Ruth

What a lovely little story,that cat saved your house from being flooded to repay your kindness of taking her in !
I had to laugh about Shelby and the ‘indoor pool’
Typical dog lol

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 28, 2010 Fantastic story
by: Dog Lover/Cat Convert

Great story, simply and beautifully told!

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