Our Feral Cats

Our Feral Cats

by Lisa D
(Springtown, TX)

Just a few of our feral cats

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Just a few of our feral cats

Well, we (my husband, mother & I) live on the same property in Springtown, Tx, which is 10 acres. We started out feeding 4 feral cats, 1 female and 3 males. Which within 3 years has become 45 feral cats. I started investigating altering programs, which were all too expensive. I finally stumbled upon the North Tx Humane Society's Catch and Release Program for Feral Cats, which we quickly took advantage of.

We now have approximately 30 of the 45 now altered and still on our property. The others are now too savvy to the traps and we are trying to gain their confidence in order to catch them, also.

We have gained the affection of approximately more than half of these wonderful felines and we love them all. I have named each and every one of them and worry if I don't see them every morning when I feed. So far, we have only lost 5 in the 3 years, most of which died before we could catch them.

I also have 4 inside cats, one which goes outside and mingles with the others. There are 5 of the feral cats, now very tame, who would prefer to be indoor cats now. But, only 1, the original female and mother of most of them, from 3 years ago, is allowed to sleep in. She has proved herself worthy of that privilege. Although, she would rather be the only cat inside.

We will keep up the catch and release as long as it is necessary. It's all been worth the effort, our feral cats are more healthy and I believe they are more happy also. They are all, our joy. The Catch and Release Program is a wonderful program and people should take advantage of it, rather than have an animal killed. Keep these wonderful felines alive, so they may enjoy us, they can become great friends. They all have a place on this earth just as we do, all animals have their role to play, it's the circle of life. God wanted animals on this earth, or he wouldn't have had Noah build them an Ark.

Lisa, Bill and Sis
Springtown, TX

Our Feral Cats to Feral Cats

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Our Feral Cats

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Jan 04, 2010 Feral Cat Mommy
by: Nerberg Or.

I to do the catch and release thing. I go threw at least 40 lbs of cat food a week. So I believe in what you are doing. Your story is wounderful. I wish you and your family of the furry kind well.

Dec 15, 2009 Compliments Deserved
by: Jan Plant

I just found this site,doing research for an article I'm writing,want to get the facts straight and true.Any who, I clicked onto this, and could swear you have pictures of some of our "wild bunch".

Your cats all look so happy and healthy.God bless you for aiding these kitties.I know it's not easy,we only have a small group compared to yours, but it seems every day, once in awhile I'll spot a 'stranger".

God Bless you and yours. Keep up the excellent work.

Oct 16, 2009 We tame feral cats
by: Dani

Grampas farm - Montana

We have loads of feral cats and i love them i catch them when their kittens and tame them down.

Oct 06, 2009 New Information
by: Ruth Y.

I have to amend my earlier post-- Wisconsin does have some Trap-Neuter-Return programs. The humane society in Milwaukee is making some strides in this area, according to their web site. They even posted some pictures of cats from a feral cat colony in the Sherman Park neighborhood who look as healthy as your cats.

Domestic Animal Control is still using the trap and euthanize method (to the best of my knowledge) but thanks to the Humane Society at least some cats are being altered and returned rather than simply killed.

Sep 30, 2009 Feral cats
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

What a heart warming story, the cats in the picture look beautiful and healthy and you and your husband and mother are doing wonderful work !
I admire you very much,you must all work very hard !

Sep 29, 2009 Catch and Release is the Best
by: Ruth Y.

Your feral cats all look healthy and well fed. It's good that you live in a warm climate where they can survive the winters more easily. I doubt you would have ended up with quite so many if you lived here in Wisconsin, with our harsh winters. I wish we had a catch and release program for feral cats here in the Milwaukee area. If a cat is a kitten, and therefore can still be tamed, every effort is made for it to be adopted out. You can even volunteer at Animal Control as an "animal socialization volunteer" (which sounds fun). But sadly, there aren't really any good options for an older cat who never had any contact with people and cannot easily be tamed, if at all.

You can read about my feral cat, Monty, on this site. Today I saw a striped cat about Monty's size in my yard-- I think he is probably from the same litter as Monty. There's nothing I can really do for Monty's brother. I doubt he could be caught the way I caught Monty, and as he gets older he will be harder and harder to tame and less likely to be able to become someone's pet. I'm not sure that putting out food would be of any help without the accompanying spay and release program. All I could do was watch the little striped cat squeeze under our fence and disappear into the neighbor's yard. Then I looked down at Monty and reminded him again how lucky he is.

Sep 29, 2009 Nice work
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing Lisa. And well done. The world and cats need more people like you.

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