Our First Cat

by Nina Ujang
(Selangor, Malaysia)

My daughter was begging us for a pet and we finally gave in. We bought Aslan (King Aslan of Narnia) a cross breed of Maine Coon and Persian. He was only about 2 months old when we got him.

We do not know anything about cats – let alone the Maine Coon…(this is where GOOGLE becomes handy).

Aslan became a household name immediately and everyone adored him. We eat, sleep and live Aslan!

A week later, he fell ill.. he was having flu and cough and fever – all at once. He became so fragile and had to stay in the clinic for almost 2 weeks!

We visited him twice and sometimes four times a day…making sure he knew that we all loved him and wanted him back home again…

With much LOVE, FAITH and of course medication Aslan is back on his feet again!

It has been a beautiful ONE and half month experience having him at home and we all regard him as the baby of the house…

Cuddly, charming and sometimes witty – we hope our Aslan will grow BIG STRONG and FRIENDLY!! 🙂

Update: 23 March 2010

Here are some photos – he is now 4.5 months 🙂 and weights 2.39kg…

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Hi Nina.. It is fantastic for me to hear from you in Malaysia. It gives visitors to this site, who mainly live in the USA and England, a chance to hear about cats and people in other countries.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with Aslan, your first cat.

If you have a picture of Aslan please email me and I will upload it for you:


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For people who are not sure where Selangor, Malaysia is, here is a Google map:

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Selangor is one of the 13 states of Malaysia. It has a population of 5,180,000 at Feb 2010. Here is a photo of Kuala, Selangor, Malaysia (note: this is one of the more remote districts in the state… the capital of Selangor State is Shah Alam:

Kuala Selangor Malaysia
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Our First Cat

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Dec 11, 2010 Your Number One
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Nina. I’m very happy to hear that Aslan is doing well and makes you all happy and proud. It seems your first cat has turned into The First Cat of the House. 🙂
Aslan is so beautiful on the pictures from last year that I am not surprised that he has won some ribbons. But I wonder what kind of TV shows he prefers…
A first cat often becomes part of family legend. The first cat my wife and I had together was also an orange boy, and although Rudolf has been gone for many years now, he set the standards we still compare all other cats to. You can see his photos at http://www.raarup.eu/rudolf-en.html

If you have the time, I hope you’ll post another page about Aslan and his life. As your family were new with cats, you have probably noticed a lot of little things that elder cat keepers do not think about.

Dec 09, 2010 Aslan’s update
by: Nina

updates on our baby –> Aslan turns 1 last month and he is the KING of the house! He rules everyone and dictates which show should be on TV!!

Aslan has won three ribbons in our local cat show so far and he IS our pride and joy!

Dec 05, 2010 ASLAN
by: Julie

Hi Nina, so glad your wee kitty got better, I also have a Mianecoon and his name is Aslan he is so special very loving and very mischevious, he is now 1 and growing into a very handsome boy he loves to hunt and always has a wee pressie at the backdoor for me, he is great with my 2 kids and we all love him dearly I hope your Mainecoon brings you as much joy as ours does… we have just bought another Mainecoon which we pick up just after christmas we are all very excited and cant wait to bring our new wee girl home..

Feb 25, 2010 I too am glad
by: kathy

I too am glad your little kitty got better. I know how scary it is to have a sick kitty. Im sure he will grow into a lovely cat.

Feb 23, 2010 Aslan
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Nina. Congratulations on your family’s first cat. Yes, it often happens that a child wants a cat and the whole family ends up falling in love with it.
I too would like to see a picture of Aslan and learn some more about him. I reckon cat life in Malaysia must be quite different to here in Europe, so please tell us.

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 23, 2010 Aslan
by: Ruth

Hi Nina, what a lovely little story.I’m so glad Aslan recovered from his illness, I think knowing how much you all love him must have helped !
I’d love to see a photo of him.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

5 thoughts on “Our First Cat”

  1. Aslan is now 4 Turning 5 this coming November… He is still the only cat in the house, but is a big brother to two sugar gliders, 2 lizards and a ball python.

  2. Dear all, aslan turned 3 yesterday. He is a big boy now and is very much one of us. There is not a day Tht goes by without us talking and thinking about aslan.


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