Milo is My Inspiration

by Darlene Burrow

Milo is my inspiration

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Milo is my inspiration

Milo is my inspiration

Milo is so fun to be with, she really is. She is a calm cat which I don't mind at all.

She loves to sit on my lap a lot and purr so loud and she loves to keep me warm. She still loves to play. I give her catnip sometimes and she goes nuts. Milo and I also like to watch T.V. too.

I did have brain surgery when I was eight years old caused by over one hundred seizures each day and the doctor had told me I shouldn't have children because I could end up in the hospital and have serious seizures or I could die over it so I took the doctors word on that.

I could do other things instead of having a baby. I can still be a mommy to someone and I am a mommy to Milo.

I am proud to say it too because I love animals so much. Milo is my child and I take care of and love and watch over her and we are there for one another.

Milo is an inspiration to me. She always has and always will be. God was there for me through this surgery. It was a fifty fifty chance that I could live or die.

God watched over me so I can be a mother to all these animals in my life. That is what I am meant to do with my life and Milo is my child!!


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**Updated** from Oreo Blue Love

by Oreo Blue Love
(Orlando, FL USA)

This is me and my daddy

*Meow meow* Hello hello hello again!!! A couple of people may want to hear from me again so I updating right now.

I am getting bigger and now am a teenager. I would like to post recent pictures of me and one of me and my daddy who found out what breed I was.

My daddy treats me very well with respect and love that I deserve! *Meow meow* *Purrrrrrrs*

See the earlier posting:

Please help my Daddy! - scroll down the page.

Is My Kitty Part Egyptian Mau?

by Marlee

I got my cat from the animal shelter. He is unlike any other cat i have ever owned. He is very sweet and very loyal. He loves attention and he is VERY smart. He makes clicking or chirping noises when he is happy and laying on his back.

He also wiggles his tail sometimes in a funny way, which I'm not sure if it is a trait of the Egyptian Mau or not. He has the gooseberry green eyes and he looks pretty similar to an Egyptian Mau. Just wondering if he could be mixed... or if anyone has any other suggestions.


Hi Marlee.... Thanks for visiting and asking. It is unfortunately impossible to tell a cats background without records. There is currently no DNA test that can ascertain the genetic makeup of cat in terms of breed.

All we can do is guess. Your cat looks very handsome and has certain Eyptian Mau characteristics. He may have Egyptian Mau in him as this breed is one of the oldest of all breeds and no doubt the genes have traveled far and wide over the thousands of years that the breed has been in existence.

Sorry I can't be more precise.

Michael Avatar

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Smart Cat

by Nancy Caron
(Auburn, New Hampshire)

In the afternoon I like to lay down and take a nap. It seems like most times a pesterin politician makes a call and I slam the phone down. Next thing I know my smart Maine Coon cat goes over and knocks the receiver right off. They won't bother us again.

Nancy Caron

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Long Lived Outdoor Cats

by Brenda G.

I just saw, on another site, what the average age for an indoor cat is as compared to an outdoor cat. Well, to every rule there is an exception. My parents had a cat that was rescued from a farm when the mother cat was killed by a dog.

My married sister took one of the kittens as well. My other sister bottle feed these two kittens for two weeks. The one my married sister had moved out when she had her second child. A neighbour said she would take her since she spent a lot of time there anyway. The last we heard this one was 15 years old.

The one my parents had was always outdoors as well. They did not have annual shots and such in those days. This cat use to beat up dogs in the neighbourhood. She sun bathed on the road in front of our house. Everyone knew her and went around her. She use to sit in the neighbour's tree and jump on people as they walked by. She made the trip every summer to the cottage with us and hunted her heart out there. She once caught a rabbit and dragged into the woods. We did not see her for two days.

She was 22years old when she quit eating and drinking - definitely the end. My brother took her to the vets and said he felt like a murderer because she had been with the family so long. Even the vet was amazed at how well she did.

I have 2 of the 4 indoor cats I have had since I got married. One died at 18 because of renal failure. I did not know the signs with her. Our 18 year old has been in renal failure for more than two years and is still doing quite well. Our other one is 13.

I guess we have been lucky. One of the vets wants to come back in his next life as one of our pets because they live so long. We have them in for regular check ups and shots. They are very well loved. The have all been mixed heritage and lovely cats. We had a miniature Schnauzer for 13 years and the cats ruled him. He knew who the boss was.

Brenda G

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Join Greenclan

by Leafbreeze



Hello, I am currently looking for someone whose cat is pure white, has silvery green eyes, and is willing to change their name to Grassfrost and joing Greenclan.

If you would care to apply, please visit


Note: this is a Warrior Cat posting

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