1. Kays Hill are putting banners up to thank the local businesses who support them, this is the one Babz took up to them for her firm, it’s looking good and hopefully might encourage more businesses to give them much needed support too!

  2. Lovely reading your article and seeing all the photos; I feel like I’m there with you all! Lol. Leanne, Kevin and Dan must work so hard to keep everything going and the love of Ollie and Pepsi and all the other animals must make it all so worth it. God bless you all

  3. We are always happy to see Ruth and Barbara at the sanctuary, and not just because they never turn up empty handed!! lol.

    We know how you feel about cats (animals in general, but with a bigger soft spot for cats and there is always a cat here that wants a fuss, if not Ollie (its usually Ollie to be honest)there is also sox, sophie (a 19yr old ‘feral’), tipsy, georgie, coby, Sammy (with only 1 eye), tinker (sammys brother), these are the cats we laughingly call our ferals. they are not really feral just a bit unsociable at times so we don’t rehome them they live here on site and do their own thing (mainly eating and sleeping!)they seem happy enough with us and enjoy contact on their terms (how unusual for a cat!!) some we can stroke and fuss others are not so sure but always come to us when there is food on the go so we see them all the time and can keep an eye on them. we also have cats pop in from time to time, we are surrounded by farms etc so there are always cats around. we sometimes see cats that we think have been dumped but we can never get close enough, there is a wood at the back of us and we are surrounded by fields so there is too much space to hide and run but there is always food in our ‘feral’ unit so they can eat if they want to. its sad that people care so little that these poor animals are just thrown out to fend for themselves. although, I think in some cases they are probably better off fending for themselves rather than being at the mercy of cruel ‘people’. anyway, enough of my ramblings, thank you Barbara and ruth for your continued support, thank you Michael for letting me ramble and thank you all on poc for your kind words. speak again soon

  4. Well, Ruthie, you’ve written another of your typically beautiful essays, and the photos were endearing, especially of Babz hugging little ‘Ollie’ – which the Scandinavians, by the way, pronounce ‘OO-lie.’ And to call that fine little girl ‘vicious.’ Is there no end to some people’s depravity?

    One of your comments in the ‘cat undies’ post was as sordid as the one you made about the mistreatment of that parrot. How anyone . . .well, words fail. The only glimmer of light is that there are still such people as you and your sister, and Kevin – whose face is filled with kindness for that lovely bird – Leanne and the other PoCites, including Mr. ul-Haq.

    The exchange rate between the U.K. and America is such that a contribution wouldn’t be worth half its value once it arrived and the bank had appropriated its share, so my admiration is all I can offer to Kay’s Hill.

    It’s good your town is bringing your sister cat food donations. And best wishes to Leanne for her success in her coffee shop! If she’s interested, there’s a Finnish recipe for an unbelievable cream and cardamom pound cake she might like to have.

    Will write when possible, but a truck rammed the fiber-optic station for southwest Washington’s libraries, and they’re all down and out. xx

    • Thanks my friend, remember you sent a cheque a few years back for Kays Hill? It took over a month to arrive, we thought it was lost, then our bank took a huge slice of it to exchange the currency! No it’s not worth it and you have your own expense there with the poor cats you feed.
      Yes it’s horrible what some people do with cats, I think underwear with their pics on is disgusting and encourages depravity!
      I hope your library broadband is fixed soon, it must be horrible to be cut off from your emails xx

  5. thanks micheal we do limit the numbers we take in unbelievable as it may seam we turn a lot of animals away each day just because we don’t have the space or the money to deal with them I would love to have more staff and the funds to not have to worry but for now we just continue in our own little way

  6. we would like to thank ruth and babz for shareing their experience of a visit to kays hill we always have lots of cats on site, as the pics may show we are not posh here the animals come first and we love having them around all the time its not a job to us but a way of life, theres always lots going on at kays hill we have around three hundred animals on site so as you can imagine this don’t leave us much time for gardening ect , we are always greatful for the donations people drop off for us as these people are the back bone of our sanctuary and we could not operate and rescue as many with out your support so once again many thanks to you all

  7. It’s a while since we were there so it was lovely to see how much progress there has been made, it’s looking very clean and tidy and well organised now and the coffee shop will be good. Ollie was so welcoming, she’s love on legs that one. And the goats were quite friendly, Sid rubbed his horns on my backside LOL, I think Pepsi would have liked a chew at us but even so it was nice to meet her.

  8. Wonderful Article and Photos as always. Always Love what you write and put. So lovely to see what what you do for those animals. That cat Ollie looks so Cute.

  9. Very great article
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Caring and devoted people will never end, they will carry on the welfare of the creatures of Allah Subhanahu.

    We can not leave them as abused in the wild, why to leave them in such a state when we can do something for their best future and that is care for them.

    Who knows the satisfaction of the spirit n heart better than me in these circumstances in which me and my daughters are still working hard. Great of you. God bless you all humane people out there <3 I am feeling blessed today 🙂 by reading all this. thanks 😉

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