Our Loving and Loyal Cat

Our Loving and Loyal Cat

by Robert Coxon

She used to love watching us cook from the stairs

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She used to love watching us cook from the stairs

A very loving and loyal cat to my family, the only time she ever hissed at anyone was when she tried to escape from her flea collar and managed to push it past her front legs and around her tummy. Could not imagine replacing her with any other. Adopted her from sister in law when I first met my fiance, she was much loved and will be sorely missed by all who knew her. I think she was a maine coon cross with something, she used to walk around the rim of the bath when we were in it...until she fell in one day!.

She also thought it would be good if she could spy on us from our upstairs bedroom window...until she slipped from it and luckily I was underneath watching her as she tried to turn around on the thin ledge and slipped....nice catch...lots of claws though!. As a kitten, she would 'hide' under the bottom step of our open plan staircase and wait for any unsuspecting ankle action as we came down from upstairs and clamp our feet with her paws..no claws though..ever..same when she played with us around the house and garden...no claws out.

We are lucky where we live as we are rural and she had lots of fields to explore. Sadly, this morning, my kind next door neighbour rang the bell at 1am and broke the sad news to me...she had met with a car and didn't win. She must have been in a fight or spooked by a fox as she often watched the cars go by from the comfort of our local phone box rain or shine and she would be waiting for me when I got in from work..late or early...she was always there..more like a dog rearly!. She will be sadly missed, buried her today in the back garden of my father in laws house...he was in tears with me as we lowered her in.

Started to investigate for another..not to buy yet...too soon, found this site and have had more tears as I spotted others just like her. Not all bad has come of this though, I love cats and have thought about breeding...expensive to start and maintain though...but who knows...maybe...a bit later on...we will see..if the rest of the family agree. Best cat i have ever had the privilege of owning (if you can own a cat). The rest don't just cut the mustard. If you look at her pic and can help me with what breed she is please contact me. I think she was a Main Coon cross but she looked a bit like a Norwegian Forest Cat but I'm not sure. If you have any suggestions as to her type, please contact me, I'm on Facebook , thanks for reading the rambling of a heartbroken 38 year old man in tears πŸ™‚


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Our Loving and Loyal Cat

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Sep 30, 2009 My cat also met a car and lost too πŸ™
by: Kev

I had a tear in my eye too when I read this article. Brings back some happy and some sad memories.

My first cat, Gizmo, was given to me as an xmas prezzie by my siblings. Gawd, it was one of the happiest days of my life. So damn cute =^.^=. Me and my ex-flatmates always thought it was a bit quirky as it would play-fight with you (with its very very sharp tiny claws, ow!) and then run away. As if it was expecting you to chase after him.

The fateful day was not even a year after I got him when he got ran over outside our house. Burying him was one of the most difficult things I had ever done. πŸ™

R.I.P to our cats. They will live in our memories forever.

Jul 27, 2009 So sad for you
by: Ruth

I'm so sad for you ! It's heartbreaking to lose a much loved cat and you never get over it. In time you do get used to being without them but even then it suddenly hits you out of nowhere at times and you feel that lurch of bereavement all over again.It is a bereavement just like a human member of the family and you need to grieve just the same.

We've had cats for over 35 years now and each one we lost was special and unique and will never be forgotten.

My advice is don't rush into anything, give yourself time and when the time is right a needy cat will come along and you can give him/her a good home in your late cat's honour.

Take care.
R.I.P beautiful puss xx

Jul 27, 2009 so sad
by: franz

i cant help but cry in your story. i love cat so much..i have plenty of cats in my house i dont allow them to go out the house cause they might be hit by cars or people who don't like cats might harm my precious cats.

Jul 27, 2009 Touched
by: Michael

I cried when I read this. As you say she might have been a Maine Coon mix, they are not uncommon. Cat breeds of possibly similar backgrounds are the Siberian (which you mentioned) and the Norwegian Forest Cat. Sometimes you can tell better from the character rather than appearance. The truth is you can't tell as there are a lot of mixed genes. The truth too is that she was loving and loved and missed.

This page is in her memory.

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