Our Maine Coon SCOUT is a RIOT!!

Our Maine Coon SCOUT is a RIOT!!

I found Scout outside in subzero winter weather. She was starving and emaciated and was down to her last days.

She had a void of hair from scrappin outside but also a little poof at the very tip. I nursed her back to health, took her to the vet for a health assessment, gave her love and tenderness and a new best friend, our multi-colored tabby Scampi, who we also found on the front curb of our house at two months old.

Scout is named after “girlscout” for bravely being able to fend for herself in below zero midwestern weather. She has beautiful soft yellow, brown and dark orange coloring, huge paws, darting poofs above and around the ears, and a broad feline face.

She’s squat to the ground and is a gorgeous hefty furball. She has a loud viseral male sounding meow but is a lass, and is constantly talking and wondering about as if a tiger on the prowl.

SHE’S CONSTANTLY HUNGARY and is only just now getting into playing with string and toys; at first she was scared of toys!! (don’t think she had an owner who played… Arumph.)

She is terrified of thunder and curls up into a little ball on the floor when it thunderstorms. She curls around my belly and doesn’t move an inch until the storm is over.

Scout is a prima donna, she runs the house, she is a queen in her own kingdom, and always has lots to talk about.

She LOVES sitting on our printer on the indoor porch where she can curl up on the warm plastic top and sit and watch the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels race around the backyard.

She’s very particular, refined, classy, arrogant, loving, and cuddly only when she wants to be. She absolutely beautiful and ever so thankful to have a loving, warm, and catering home to be adored in.

Scout has become best friends with our female tabby; they run in circles, play and pounce all day long. Scout is the most wonderful addition to our home. I am so grateful I spotted her near death, slinking around a barren industrial area, on the coldest day of the year.

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Our Maine Coon SCOUT is a RIOT!!

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Jun 23, 2010 You’ve got a female Furby
by: Joyce Sammons

Scout sounds like my Furby. He was so bony I could put my thumb and index finger together around his belly. And you should hear him SPIT. I wish you’d send Michael a picture to put with the article. Ferals are so much fun. You have to be careful when you eat around them. They’ll snatch the food and run with it. I hope you enjoy your baby as much as I’ve enjoyed mine. And welcome to the site. We’re a big family here.

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