Our Munchkins – Arlow, Lowla and Kilow

by Sherrie

9 years ago my sister-in-law moved to Panama. At the time she owned a munchkin cat that she couldn’t take with her. So Arlow joined us. He was our only cat. He can run and jump and accomplish any feat a full size cat can. He is now 11 years old and has had no health problems. They do not develop the back problems like daschunds do. When he turned 10, we decided to bring another munchkin into our family. We drove over a 1,000 miles to get Lowla. She does not jump as high as Arlow can, but she can jump longer distances. While Arlow tends to be shy, Lowla is just the opposite – she loves having company!

This year, we learned of a backyard breeder whose kittens were being removed and placed by a couple of reputable breeders. That’s how Kilow joined our family. She’s still a youngster – 6 months old, just over 3 pounds. She’s a fiesty little thing and the other cats welcomed her into our family. She is a high jumper like Arlow. Even though she is only 4 inches high, she can jump up on the bed and climbs our cat tower all the way to the 6 foot platform with ease.

Munchkins are a naturally occurring genetic mutation. There are dwarf kittens and regular size kittens born in the same litters. Lowla is a Siamese munchkin mixed with a calico regular cat. She has beautiful blue eyes. Kilow, is a chocolate spotted tabby – I believe she is a Bengal/munchkin cross. Arlow is a lilac tabby and just too handsome.

They don’t know they are little. They all play as normal cats and have no health problems. Since we have had munchkins for so long, I believe we are qualified to testify to that.

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