Our Newest Rescue Kittens Were Declawed

Our Newest Rescue Kittens Were Declawed

by Nancy

We have always had cats. The ones who went outside were never declawed. But for years, our cats have been inside cats. Our oldest cat was 18 yrs old when he died and he had been declawed.

Our newest rescue kittens were declawed. They came home with no bandages, no bleeding, no pain meds.

They came out of their carriers and carried on as always. Either we had an excellent vet or were mislead about the horrors of having this done. Probably both.

We both love animals and people are being terribly misled or their are some awful vets out there – yes it was very expensive to have this done correctly. But you wouldn’t take your kids to a witch doctor so why take your animals to a mediocre vet.


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Our Newest Rescue Kittens Were Declawed

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Jan 30, 2011 karma
by: Godimugly

karma is a good thing – what goes around comes around they say so I hope this nancy person and the anonymous one are ready to lose some bits of body and to put up with it and say nowt – no whining and whinging ladies because whats sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander as well – Im pretty sure you havent gone through your lives without leaving your mark on the environment you live in – wheres your compassion lasses – oh thats right youve got none – enjoy your wait for your comeupance from the universe

Jan 30, 2011 To the anonymous owner
by: Anonymous

You have told us exactly what sort of a person you are by the use of the word owner and by putting a bit of furniture above your cat’s health.
You are of Nancy’s calibre who thinks taking kittens toe ends away is the thing to do.
She spoiled those kittens lives,you spoiled your cats life.
How much longer do you think this abuse of cats is going on when so many people are against it?
Too late for your sad cat,he is now a cripple and YOU and your vet did that to him

BY CHOICE !!!!!!!!!!

Watch out for karma because it comes around no matter how long it takes.

Jan 30, 2011 Thick and unfeeling
by: Angel O

Anonymous is as thick and unfeeling as Nancy is and the sooner declawing is banned the better because that’s going to be the only way to stop people like them.

So,the Rescue Shelters have had their wake up call,declawed cats being returned with problems and also pressure from humane people must have convinced them.
That is the best news!

Jan 30, 2011 You did have a choice but your poor cat didn’t
by: Ted

Well said the previous two posters.
Ignorant cat abuser anonymous chose to have that cat mutilated for the sake of a replaceable object.
Anonymous how could you be so callous?
Your cat suffered agonising pain and shock and you say he’s fine and happy now yet you don’t know that do you?
I don’t suppose you even know cats are so proud and stoic they hide their pain and soldier on.
Your cat puts you to shame,you didn’t even try to soldier on and teach him to use a scratching post.
Why didn’t you cover your dearly loved chair made out of another animal’s skin.
But it wouldn’t bother you either that it was once a living feeling entity too as you don’t care about any other living entity but your selfish cruel self.

Jan 30, 2011 To the latest declawing anonymous
by: Barbara

You are so wrong; you have no concept of how morally wrong you are to have taken it upon yourself to mutilate a cat dependant on your care. I take issue firstly with your statement that you HAD to have your cat declawed because no, in fact you didn’t have to do anything of the sort and were it not for the fact that the USA is lagging so far behind the rest of the world in animal welfare you would not have been legally allowed to. It is only because the veterinary system in your country is so corrupt, with thoughts only as to how to get as many dollars from pet caretakers as possible, and with a network of brainwashing propaganda to fool suckers like you into believing that declawing is not inhumane that you are able to pay someone to surgically adapt your cat to conform with your vision of the perfect pet.
If your stupid chair was already scratched what was the point of making your cat pay the ultimate penalty for doing what he did through instinct? Why did you even get a cat if your tolerance level is so low?
You call yourself “an owner” and this is why you assume you have the right to declaw your cat, because he is just another possession and one that is clearly not as valuable to you as your leather recliner. Your ignorance amazes me and I’m not saying that just to be unpleasant to you but because I think you are genuinely ignorant of the magnitude of what you have done to that cat.
At last the rescue shelters are waking up and starting to forbid declawing of cats they rehome, if it stops people like you from taking a cat home and abusing him then I think they are probably more than willing to lose an opportunity or two to rehome a cat.
Rehoming at any cost, i.e. allowing adopters to abuse the cat is not what they are all about.

Barbara avatar

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Jan 30, 2011 Rescue Shelters are right
by: Ruth

ANOTHER cowardly anonymous who just HAD to have his/her cat’s ten toe ends amputated for the sake of their precious furniture.
You were NOT left with no choice, you deliberately CHOSE to put your cat through painful disabling surgery rather than persevere a while to teach him to scratch in appropriate places.
A single scratching post ? What was it like ?
Was it tall and strong so your cat could have a good stretch up it and not be afraid it would topple over ? Did you encourage him to use it, did you provide scratching pads around the house too ?
Happy healthy and active as he was before ?
You are deluded, he has adjusted that’s all, because he has no choice.
How will you feel when he gets older and painful arthritis sets in because YOU have deprived him of the claws he needs to excercise his body ?
Why do you think all reputable Rescue Shelters have adopters sign a no declaw contract ? Just to make themselves extra paper work ?
No, I’ll tell you why, it’s because they have compassion for cats and are aware that declawing them is abuse which causes cats to suffer.
Declawing is NOT a decision for the new ‘owner’ to make when the new ‘owner’ is as ignorant and furniture mad as you are.
But your word OWNER shows your attitude, that to you cats are possessions, not living feeling beings with the right to live their lives as cats should live, WITH their very essential toe ends and claws.
Poor little cat, I hope you care for him for the rest of his days now no matter what problems he faces or the expense you face, it’s the least you can do.
I’d never sleep again if I’d put inanimate furniture above the health and welfare of my cats.
Sweet dreams anonymous !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 29, 2011 Declaw
by: Anonymous


I agree with you. I had to have my cat declawed because I HAD a nice leather recliner that he used as his scratching post. I bought a scratching post for him and he did use it as well as all of my furniture. I was left with no choice but to have him declawed and when I got him back he was still still the happy, healthy, active little kitty that I had before having him declawed. Sometimes the owner has no choice but to have a declaw procedure done. I would agree with you Nancy. My final thought is this. Yes, declawing needs to be the last option but it is still up to the owner of the cat as to how to deal with the cat if the cat still scratching on everything in the house. The rescua shelters are going to find themselves in a spot because they want future owners to sign contracts stating they will not have the cat declawed. Declawing is a decision for the new owner and not for those who run the animal rescues to make.

Jan 18, 2011 Mrs B
by: Maggie

I just read your comment, Mrs B. You have a very talented way with words, and I like your method of getting your message across. You should write some articles here!

Nancy, you’re a selfish freak.

Jan 17, 2011 Well said Elisa
by: Michael

Thanks Elisa. How can a vet be “excellent” or a quality vet if they declaw? All vets that declaw are not good vets. That must be correct as it is a breach of their oath to declaw for non-therapeutic purposes – we know that.

Michael Avatar

Jan 16, 2011 My Vet Is Excellent
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

My vet is excellent because he DOESN’T declaw. Any well trained vet can treat a sick cat. It take a moral vet to refuse to declaw one when the money is out there to be made off of unsuspecting idiots who think they’re doing the right thing.

Hope your declawed cats like your home when the arthritis sits in one day. Hope you can live with yourself knowing you caused it. You’ll have lots of vet bills then.

Jan 16, 2011 You silly woman
by: Petra Stephenson

For goodness sake Nancy, were you expecting us to congratulate you for choosing an excellent vet to declaw those kittens? Those horror stories you dismiss just happen to be true and your vet isn’t excellent but just another in a long line of opportunists that see a stupid person, blind them with science and make money from them. You had no right to declaw those kittens, you and that vet have gone against the AVMA directive. Furthermore I’d like to know which shelter you rescued them from, what their opinion is on declawing and if there was any condition in the adoption papers that should have prevented you from mutilating these babies.
There are some great comments here Nancy, read and learn.

Jan 16, 2011 Disgusted at Nancy
by: Carol

Nancy I’d really like to know how you knew the kittens would exhibit serious scratching behavior when they grew into cats?
Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that supposed to be the only reason for vets to agree to declaw?
I’ve never had kittens untrainable to scratching furniture especially made for cats.
Did you even bother going out and buying some of them for the kittens health and pleasure?
It doesn’t sound to me as if you did.
It sounds to me as if you wanted rid of their claws at any price.
Frightened of a teeny weeny scratch were you?
So frightened that you paid doctor excellent to take those claws away no matter what the consequences to the kittens then or in the future.
You are the worst kind of animal abuser because you admit to us you’d heard about the horrors of declawing.
But then you went ahead anyway.
It’s as others have said of the wonderful comment by Mrs B,you wouldn’t in reality do it to a baby so why do it to a baby cat.
For the sake of any more kittens needing to be rescued in your area let someone else have them if you can’t handle they come with claws.

Jan 16, 2011 Loved you too Mrs B
by: Anonymous

Mrs B anonymouse I loved your comments.
Take no notice of Pammy Marshall who ‘found your ramblings about babies a bit nauseous!’
Although she is obviously anti declaw it seems that to her mutilating ‘real’ babies is unthinkable.
Ms Marshall it’s no more unthinkable than paying for the mutilation of baby cats which is what Nancy did.

Jan 16, 2011 To Mrs B
by: Anonymous

I’d love to read a whole article written by you.
You are a breath of fresh air.

Jan 16, 2011 Wow!
by: Barbara

I’ve just caught up with the latest comments bravo Mrs B, your scenario is spot on. If it were human babies that she was mutilating then Nancy would be wearing prison garb by now rather than trying to educate us about choosing the right declawing vet to cosy up with. But what is the difference? Pain is pain, loss is loss, trauma is trauma, we humans don’t have the divine right to feel all of those things.
To coin a phrase Mrs B, thank you and please call again.

Barbara avatar

Jan 16, 2011 My pleasure
by: Mrs B Anonymouse

Oh thank you Michael, I am glad you think my comments were relevant. I really don’t see the difference between disrespecting cats and disrespecting humans. I mean where do we draw the line?
If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out
If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off

Can we really prefer mutant cats to the real thing? I think not.

Jan 16, 2011 I LOVE IT
by: Mel

I started reading Mrs B’s comment with anger when she said she did the same as Nancy.
As I read further down this very clever piece of writing I laughed and cheered at the way she hit the nail right on the head.
I think this is the best put down comment of all of them for Nancy and her excellent vet.
I also hope Mrs B will return.

Jan 16, 2011 Missed the point
by: Anonymous

P Marshall are you as stupid as you seem?
Or are baby humans fingers more important than baby cats fingers to you?
You miss the point that both are innocent defenceless beings and no one has the right to abuse either kind of baby.

Great comment Mrs B,a simplified and true way of looking at the abuse of ALL babies.

Jan 16, 2011 THANK YOU Mrs B
by: Ruth

EXACTLY !!! Mrs B would have had Social Services taking the babies away and would never be allowed to have the care of children again !
This hypothetical case proves that there should be a Social Services for cats and that if there was then Nancy would have had those kittens taken from her and would never have been allowed a kitten again.
WELL DONE Mrs B Anonymouse, you are obviously a very clever and compassionate person and I hope you will visit other articles with your wonderful input.
I like you !

You made my day, I tell you.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 16, 2011 Oh…Mrs B Anonymouse
by: Michael

Mrs B…thanks for a comment that sorta sums it all up. The ignorance of the the self-interested, self-serving, pleasure seeking, furniture protecting cat owner who mutilates a “family member” to “save the cat from euthanasia…”.

Michael Avatar

by: pammy marshall

I agree with Michael’s comments wholeheartedly, but found the ramblings of Mrs B, and babies a bit nauseous! For a start she would have had Social Services taking the babies away, and would never be allowed to have the care of children again!
As is often said, if all vets stood by their oath, which is to put the animals welfare first, instead of money, and did NOT de-claw cats, we would all be extremely relieved and happy…and so would all cats.

Jan 16, 2011 I did the same
by: Mrs B Anonymouse

Oh Nancy I did just the same as you. I have always had kids around and recently I adopted two abandoned babies into my beautiful home, I got them from an orphanage you see, I rescued them from a life without me as their mom. Anyway, as I said I have a beautiful home and I didn’t want these babies messing it up so as I happened to know an excellent surgeon I arranged with him for to have the babies’ finger ends removed, I had to go private to do this and it cost me a lot of money, but you have to pay for excellence don’t you? I’d heard such horror stories about babies losing their whole hands and even their arms. Anyway when the babies came home I was a bit surprised that their little finger ends, well where their little finger ends might have been, were unbandaged and that they had no junior aspirin to take but I figured that as they were still able to wave them about then perhaps their little hands weren’t aching all that much, and I suppose if they didn’t have anything to numb the sensation then they would get used to the feel of it that much sooner. They seemed to carry on as always, though being babies of course they didn’t have a lot of “always” to carry on as, but I assumed they were carrying on as always, or at least as best ways they could. And of course the whole point of it was that they didn’t have those troublesome finger ends, which made it Ok for them to be in my beautiful home.
I do love babies, and of course you have to be sure that your surgeon is excellent, but I knew mine was as I’d used him previously to get rid of some parts of my husband that I didn’t really want around the house, and he was fine, I think.

So, to summarise, like yours my babies are a bit disabled but seem Ok to me, and as we gave them a home and paid a lot to have their little hands altered it proves we love them, so we can feel justified in doing what we did.

I think anyone who disagrees with us is misguided, don’t you?

Jan 15, 2011 See what you did Nancy
by: OJ

Copy and paste this


Go on,I dare you,see just what you did ………….

Jan 15, 2011 You stupid person
by: Anonymous

We are not in the least impressed by your very expensive abusing of those innocent baby cats or about your so called excellent vet.
Excellent vets are the vets who DO NOT declaw. They know cats come with claws firmly adhered in bone not meant to be removed EVER and they keep to their oath to cause NO suffering.
People who abuse cats and boast about it are despised by those of us who really do love cats.
One day soon declawing will be illegal in the US just as it is in other civilised countries because it is

Jan 15, 2011 Cripples now
by: Edward

Man I don’t understand folk like you.
You rescue kittens then hand them over to have their little toe ends chopped off.
Both you and the vet who did this unthinkable to us operation are cruel so dont expect us to believe you love cats and have an excellent vet.
Bless those sweet kittens Im so sorry for them having to live as cripples now for all their lives.

Jan 15, 2011 Wrong!
by: Barbara

No, you don’t love animals. You love possessions and you see the new kittens (which you are at pains to tell us are rescue kittens as though the fact that they would otherwise have been homeless justifies your decision to adapt them) as just the latest in a long line of adapted cats only acceptable to you because they have been altered to suit your wishes. That is not love, that is selfishness.
You think you have an excellent vet, no vet who truly cares about the animal (as opposed to wishing to ingratiating himself with the owner)would amputate ten healthy parts from a kitten, no excellent vet would take cash to remove necessary parts of an animal. That is not excellence, that is selling you something you required for a hefty price. More fool you.

You think the kittens are fine, well I hope you’re right Nancy, but as you’ve chosen to ruin the paws of those babies you are going to have many years to hope that they remain fine and that the “excellent vet” did excellent amputations and didn’t leave bits of bone to work out through the pads after a number of years, and to hope that they don’t develop arthritis, and to hope that the kittens enjoy physical contact with you rather than shrinking from you in case you hurt their tender stumps.
The kittens are not kids, your comparison is rubbish because you wouldn’t be allowed to amputate parts of your children.
No one should be allowed to declaw cats, and you personally should not be allowed to adopt healthy cats and destroy their paws. I pity your old, deceased cat, he may have been in pain for years without you even knowing, or caring.

Barbara avatar

Jan 15, 2011 Unethical vets declaw
by: Michele S.

Nancy you may think you have an excellent vet, but either you’re blasé about declawing or your vet is a persuasive salesman.

The AVMA guidelines clearly state that declawing is a last resort procedure after all alternative options have been tried and failed. A kitten is clearly far too young to have been given the opportunity to be taught claw manners. Therefore any vet who declaws them is in breach of AVMA guidelines.

All cats whether they be indoor or spend time outdoors, walk on their toes because they’re digitgrade animals. So to amputate them is to make them handicapped for life. That doesn’t sound like the conduct of an ethical vet to me.

If a surgeon recommended amputating the tips of your fingers instead of trimming your nails monthly, I bet you’d be out of their office like a shot. So why would you pay a vet a lot of money to do that to your kittens?

Ask yourself (and your vet) why do millions of vets in at least 38 countries refuse to declaw? Why did they convince their governments to ban it and have it legally classed as an “unnecessary mutilation”. What do they know about declawing that your vet is witholding from you?

Jan 15, 2011 No excuse now
by: Angel O

Bad enough your old cat living 18 years without claws but you may have been excused for that as until quite recently the fact that declawing is 10 amputations was unknown by most people.

However now the fact is known and you surely know it if as you say have heard of the horror of declawing therefore there is no excuse at all yet you had kittens declawed.

You should never have a cat in your life again.

My advice to you is to rescue goldfish instead as you can’t declaw them and condemn them to living an inferior life to how they are entitled to live.

by: Kath

Very expensive to have it done correctly you say.
But Nancy is was NOT done correctly,being done correctly would be not being done AT ALL.
So WHY was it done?
Did those kittens have chance to learn to scratch in appropriate places?
If not why not?
The only reason there can be is that you took the easy way out instead for YOURSELF and never considered that the kittens had claws for a purpose.
You can’t even plead ignorance as you say you read the horror stories.
They are NOT OK,they are now living soft toys and I hope you have no kids or dogs in your home to add to the abuse which you’ve already paid a vet to break his sworn oath and do.
Millions of people all over the world will be disgusted at your posting here and your making light of serious life changing surgery.
You ought to be ashamed of your stupid cruelty.

Jan 15, 2011 Poor little souls
by: Rose

What a cruel thing to do to kittens.I hope you know you had their last toe joints amputated, little toe bones hardly set and taken from them by I presume a laser as you say it was expensive.
I hope the bones weren’t burned as often happens with that method.I don’t agree you had an excellent vet do the deed as excellent vets do not declaw.
Kittens are born with claws because they are necessary.Ignorant selfish idiots like you have no right to have them live their lives without claws because you are too lazy to teach them to use a scratching post or pad.
You don’t like it that cats have claws yet say you love cats.
You could have fooled me!
If you lived in our country you and your excellent vet would both be arrested for animal abuse.

Jan 15, 2011 Nancy
by: Anonymous

May God forgive you for paying for the abuse of those beautiful creatures and for now extolling de=clawing and trying to convince others to do the same.

Jan 15, 2011 How could you
by: CJ

Nancy how could you brag that you rescued those kittens only to have them crippled for life.
Are you insane?
Your oh so excellent vet is a money grabbing butcher who ignores the AVMA policy that declawing is for last resort.
How dare you come here singing his praises and saying the kittens were fine when they came home.
They will never be fine and it will be on your conscience that they will have to live their lives clawless and prone to problems.
How would you like to have lived your life from being a baby without finger ends?
Yes you’d have managed and so will they because they have no choice because you chose to have this despicably cruel surgery done to them.
Want to hear some more horror stories?
I’ve got plenty to share.
Putting those kittens at risk under anesthetic and taking their toe joints away for your own selfish reasons doesn’t bear thinking about.
I think it’s time you learned a bit about cats Nancy because you sure don’t know much.
Poor babies to have been rescued by you.

Jan 15, 2011 To Nancy
by: Ruth

Incredibly you really don’t seem to know just what you have done even though you obviously heard the horror stories, which by the way are all TRUE. But you chose to ignore them and take a chance with those innocent kittens health.
You had a vet amputate their tiny toe ends along with their claws, yes they came home fine but you didn’t see them bloody and shocked and you didn’t see their tiny healthy toe ends thrown into the trash can, did you !
You didn’t have an excellent vet Nancy, an excellent vet would never do a supposed to be last resort operation for serious scratching behaviour on kittens that hadn’t even had chance to be taught to use a scratching post.
You have taken their essence of cat away.
Cats need to scratch to stay healthy, they dig in their claws to stretch their muscles. They need their toe ends/claws to walk as cats need to walk, to groom, to mark their territory and to play as cats love to play, hooking toys with their front claws to have a kick at with their back paws.
You have deprived those kittens of a fulfilled kittenhood.
You don’t love animals Nancy or you would have let these kittens live a fulfilled and healthy life with their very essential claws. You say they were fine when they came home, well what did you expect ? If you supposedly love cats you must know they are very stoic, even kittens, they accept and adapt to any situation, those babies have accepted that’s all and now have to live their lives as disabled cats.
You boast how expensive it was, it makes no difference what it cost or whichever method that ‘excellent’ vet used, he broke his oath to cause no suffering and YOU paid him to do that.
What it cost you is nothing in comparison to what it has cost those kittens and what they are now deprived of for their entire lives.
If you’ve come here hoping we are impressed you are very much mistaken, in fact anyone reading your article will know just what an ignorant cruel person you are and will ensure the vet they use in PA isn’t one who fills his bank acccount with blood money from the suffering of kittens and cats.
Watch the Paw Project video, THAT is what YOU had done and that corrupt vet is just like yours, hiding the truth !
Get your head out of the sand and stop abusing cats !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 14, 2011 MIssed the point
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing Nancy. I feel that you have totally missed the central points.

You justify declawing by saying that as far as you can see the declawed cats were OK after the operation. What happened in the clinic? How do know how the cats feel, emotionally and physically?

Also you have omitted to mention the morality of declawing. It is deeply immoral to mutilate a kitten for your benefit and for non-therapeutic reasons.

You have omitted to mention the unethical behavior of the vet. The operation is in breach of his or her oath and code of conduct.

You just miss the point completely.

Michael Avatar

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