Our Thai Cat

by Jean Colson
(Bradenton, FL, USA)

Sarsenstone Bliss of Cortez Cats, a Thai, photo by Helmi Flick

Sarsenstone Bliss of Cortez Cats, a Thai, photo by Helmi Flick

Our Thai cat, Bliss, came to us from Cristy Bird of Sarsenstone Cattery in Southern California in December, 2007 at 10 months of age.

My husband and I had fallen in love with the look of the traditional Siamese cat and wanted to add one to our family. We searched around the Internet and discovered that Cristy Bird was the breeder of the Thai and probably the person most-responsible for getting this "original" Siamese recognized by TICA (The International Cat Assoc.) as a separate and distinct breed from the "modern" Siamese being shown. We strongly supported her efforts to re-introduce this magnificent feline back to recognition by the entire world.

Bliss has become a dear and fun companion as well as a show cat. We love her dearly and would highly recommend a Thai (or two or three) to anyone considering adding a cat to their lives.

Hi Jean: Love your Thai cat. Bliss is very attractive and her expression says that she is intelligent. Thanks for sharing and showing us Bliss....Michael

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Our Thai Cat

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Aug 16, 2010
thai cat
by: Anonymous

God bless you for doing your part to show
the unsurpassable beauty of the old style
siamese. I have owned a chocolate point and
a lilac and seal. I am horrified by the near
extinction of the apple head siamese by the
breeding of skinny, elongated cats with tiny
slanting eyes.
Your cat is beautiful..but only a siamese cat
owner knows the joy and sacred friendship
they offer.
The old style or siamese cat is the most
beautiful animal in the world.
Their eyes are living jewels from heaven and
deserve their ancient name: Moon Diamond

Dec 20, 2009
by: Anonymous


Oct 17, 2009
Thai cats are PURRFECT
by: Jean Colson

It was so nice of you to accept my post about our wonderful Thai girl, Bliss. She is now nearly 3 years old and, frankly, is getting better-looking as she matures.

TICA (The International Cat Association) was having their huge Annual show in Orlando, FL around the first of Sept., 2009 and since Bliss's breeder, Cristy Bird (Sarsenstone cattery) was going to attend we thought we'd enter Bliss in the show so Cristy and Bliss could meet once again. Cristy had some very nice things to say about Bliss, in particular how she is more and more like the Breed Standard, which was very nice to hear. It was a wonderful weekend with more Thai's entered in that show than I've ever seen in one place before;I enjoyed getting to meet the other owners and breeders who are also crazy about Thai's. Bliss surprised us totally by actually winning BEST ADVANCED NEW BREED in two of the twelve rings!! Hopefully, next year will find the Thai as a Championship breed and able to compete on an equal basis with all the other recognized breeds -- and that accomplishment is due to those who love this traditional, old-style Siamese breed and in great part to the efforts and devotion of Dr. C. Bird. Thanks so much, Cristy!

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