Our Two Pretty Rescued Cats

by Ana
(Mexico City)

Our guy Seta

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Our guy Seta

Our guy Seta Sweet dreams Our girl Poposh

Hi there! I am Ana from Mexico. I live in Mexico City. All my memories as a child include pets and I thank my parents for that.

Now that am married I can't have dogs at home 'cause sometimes, I wouldn't be able to give the time to take him out.

But loving animals as much as I do, I decided to adopt my guy, Seta. I think he was just a month old when I rescued him. He was under the tire of a car. He was so dirty that I couldn't tell if he was all white or had more black dots. He also had a terrible eye infection.

He's always been a very scared cat. It was hard for me to touch him.

He's now 2 years old and his behaviour has improved though he's not the most sociable.

A year later, as a part of Seta's therapy, we thought it would be great if he had a partner to play with, and we began looking for a girl in shelters and that's how Poposh came home. Now she's 1 year old, and the two of them are really good friends.

I've always known they're not purebred but I'd like to know where they might've come from.

Thanks for reading and I love this site!


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Our Two Pretty Rescued Cats

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Jul 18, 2011
Hi Ruth!
by: ana

Well, yes i do love our cats so much!
and i get what you mean abput loving them more...
Let me also tell you that at my mom's live now 3 other cats who've been rescued from the street and bad people, so am glad to say we are a loving animals family.

About my city... what can i say... it's amazyng and hudge!!! there are so many places and things to see everyday!, if you can you should come and see!

And about my Engligh, well, my first job ever was as an English teacher for a language school! hahaha

Thanx for writing!

Jul 18, 2011
Tnahx Michael!
by: Anonymous

Hi Michael!
Thanx so much for the answer!
It's good for my curiosity to "kind of " knowing where my babues come from!

And it's loving what you do for us who write to you

Jul 18, 2011
Hi, Ana!
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

Thanks for writing and sharing, Ana. Your cats are beautiful. I'm glad you rescued them. I rescued a little cat too, who was born under my porch. I think when you help a cat who otherwise might not have survived or wouldn't have had a very good life without you it makes you love him more. The more we do loving things for others, the more we love them, I believe. Your love for your cats shows in your writing.

When I was a teacher I had many students who were from Mexico, but I think most of them were from the country, not the city. I am still working hard to learn to speak Spanish, but I have a long way to go. Your English is very good, by the way.

Jul 17, 2011
by: Michael

Hi Ana, nice to hear from Mexico City. Never been there.

You have two very good looking cats as you rightly say.

Both have interesting coat colours and patterns.

Seta has a very dense coat it seems to me. He also has a very high contrast van pattern on his head.

It is like the pattern on the purebred Turkish Van. There may be a distant connection.

Poposh has a very interesting dark brown multi shaded classic tabby coat I think.

I think she is pure moggie! Very attractive.

I am very glad that you rescued two pretty cats.

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