Our Two Wonderful Boyz

by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
(County Durham, England)

Jozef  (left) and Walter, as kittens

Jozef (left) and Walter, as kittens

Walter came from the dirtiest house we've ever seen, in Walter Street in the town where we live, hence his name. He was a tiny terrified 8 week old kitten and we had to pay the people to let us bring him away. They couldn't look after themselves,let alone a kitten. The vet diagnosed a heart murmur, fleas, worms and ear mites. Not surprising as he'd been fed only on cheese on toast.

He soon settled in with us but once he recovered he was the bane of our older cat Ebony's life and he was the most mischievous kitten we'd ever had. Our solution? To take in another kitten as a friend for him. But we hit a snag, we couldn't find another kitten in any of the local Rescue Centres.

Then we heard of a very young mother cat with 7 x 6 week old kittens but she had no milk left and they'd been weaned very young.They had a houseful of cats and kittens, too many to cope with.

We travelled 25 miles each way to fetch Jozef to his new home. He had 6 ginger brothers but Jozef won our hearts as he toddled trustingly to us.
Walter was overjoyed to meet him and our strategy worked, Ebony was left in peace!

So our beautiful boyz grew up together having great fun and they gave us hours of pleasure watching them. Most people ask if they are brothers as they both wear white shirts and socks and at first glance they do look very alike, but they have totally different faces.

Sadly Ebony died 2 years ago at almost 17 years old. Walter and Jozef are now 8, and unusually share the position of 'top cat'. They've never been able to decide since Ebony died, who was next in line for the job.

They are 2 wonderful characters who rule our house and we love them to bits!


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Dec 11, 2009 of course they have feelings
by: kathy

I have already shared the plight of my sons cat Shadow. Of course cats have feelings and get attached to each other. My Bengal cat was attached to Cash my sons kitten. When we moved he went into the other room of our house and cried at night. That room would have been my sons bedroom since his house and ours are laid out the same. AT firsr I couldnt figure it out. But since him and Cash played at night, I figured out he must have missed his nightly play time with Cash. Well he has a new playmate now, since we adopted a Savannah kitten he has totally taken her under his arm?, (paw). Hes an old man but he thinks hes a kitten. Meanwhile Cash and Shadow have become fast friends. (finally)

Dec 10, 2009 Our Two Wonderful Boyz
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Hi Ruth,

Thank you for your kind words. I agree with both you and Finn with respect to animals having emotions and feelings.

Case in point, when my brother's German Shepherd died of old age, his cat mourned. Since Grizzly Bear died at home, my brother allowed Midget (cat) to sniff the body and understand what happened. Midg laid a paw on the body then walked away. For the next 2 weeks, the cat went from room to room, wailing pitifully day and night. After 2 weeks, he stopped wailing. Who's to say animals don't mourn?

Dec 10, 2009 Comfy cats!
by: Everycat

It's always lovely to see those two purry lads Ruth! Thanks so much for sharing the story of how they came to be such lucky cats and land in your laps.

That is a very sweet photograph.


Dec 10, 2009 To Finn
by: Ruth

Thank you Finn.Yes Walter and Jozef are totally different characters.Walt is the anxious sort, he doesn't like his routine interrupted whereas Jo is very laid back. They reacted in 2 different ways too when we lost our girlz, Walt took to spraying but Jo turned to licking himself.
Then some people say cats haven't emotions like we do and that they don't grieve !! (Can I feel another blog coming on Michael ?)
Your Snow White is gorgeous, I saw her photo on another page. Yes it's sometimes hard to see where they are when they tuck their white bits away.
Your house sounds like ours ...'think cat'

Dec 09, 2009 Two handsome young cats
by: Finn Frode

Hi Ruth. They are indeed handsome young cats - and not at all looking the same. I'm reckon they have quite individual characters as well?
It's a wondeful story and you did right in having the two of them. A single kitten requires a lot of entertainment and not all old cats are prepared for that.
As you may have seen, my Snow White is also wearing the tuxedo and when she bundles up the white parts are hidden. I have walked past her bed without noticing her - even though I was looking just for her. So I have to be very careful before I sit myself down anywhere. 😉

Dec 09, 2009 Thank you Michael and Jo
by: Ruth

Thank you for your kind words ! You both know my sister Babz and I are mad about cats, ours and everyone elses too ha ha
And I love these blogs devoted just to them.

Dec 09, 2009 To Dorothy
by: Ruth

Yes strange there wasn't even one kitten around needing a home when we wanted one,I think fate decided we had to go so far to get Jozef.
Walter's heart murmur healed up once he started having good food,he has it checked every year and has had no more trouble thank goodness.
They are quite high maintenance boyz but we do love them so much and love to spend as much time with them as they want us to. Neither are lap cats unfortunately but our neighbour has 15 rescue cats so there's always a queue round there to sit on us.
Good luck if you do get a friend for Daisy.

Dec 09, 2009 To Gail
by: Ruth

Yes you'll often find me on the floor ha ha Just the other day I was playing ball with Jozef,he will only play with a red ball, no other colour will do. The postman knocked at the door and I opened it from my 'being a cat' position ha ha his face was a picture.Of course he said 'Say one for me'
Life is never dull with cats around is it !

Dec 09, 2009 To Debra
by: Ruth

Like your Sylvester, Ebony had diabetes, she was diagnosed at 14 and one vet said she was living on borrowed time.But another vet put her on Glipizide treatment which kick starts the insulin and told us to feed her little and often.We did that and she had 3 more happy, quality years.
I'm so glad you had Flower too when you lost Sylvester, nothing can stop the heartache of losing a pet but if you have another too they give you great comfort don't they !
Ebony had her own girl companion for 3 years, Popsy came to us when my brother in law John died,she was a beautiful black cat too but long haired where Ebby was short haired.I'm almost too sad to write about her, she developed chest problems from the bad life she'd had before she lived with John,4 vets couldn't diagnose her to treat her properly,the fourth one refered us to a cat specialist,but sadly Popsy died on the way to see him,she wasn't quite 6 years old.Ebony and our boyz grieved with us.
We still miss our beautiful girlz very much.
Cats lives are already so very short in comparison with ours,to lose them young is devastating.

Dec 09, 2009 Lucky Boyz
by: Michael

Knowing how you love cats and animals your boyz are lucky to be living with you. There is quite a lot of luck involved. Many are unlucky.

And, it is nice to hear a bit about your cat world. Your boyz look very cute together and very content.

Thanks for sharing with us, Ruth.

Dec 08, 2009 What Sweet Boyz
by: Jo Singer

They are adorable, and your words so beautifully describe your deep love for each other.

The photos is so sweet.

Dec 08, 2009 Ebony
by: Debra

Hi Ruth, I can totally relate to your story. I took in a feral female cat 1 year ago and my 17 year old Sylvester did not take to her. Unfortunately Sylvester passed away last year after battling diabetes for 4 years. I was sad yet happy with the 17 years of love I gave him. Now it is just me and my Flower. Good luck with the other two and thanks for sharing.
Deb (Boston, MA)

Dec 08, 2009 Your Wonderful Boyz
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Ruth, your story is so heart-warming. Please accept condolences for Ebony, but know that your furkid lived a wonderful 17 years in your loving care.

As for your two boyz, they certainly sound like a handful, but then the rewards are so fullfilling, aren't they?

I can picture you on the floor as well, with both of them...LOL! Thank you for sharing your story.

Dec 08, 2009 Beautiful Boys
by: Dorothy

Hi Ruth,

Your cats are lovely. So good to see them. What a nice story as well.

I'm surprised you couldn't find a kitten in the local shelter. I wish that were true here. There are always way too many.

Does Walter have problems with the heart murmur? They look like happy snuggle cats. I'm having so much fun having a cat, it is tempting to get another one. (Don't tell Daisy!)


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