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Outdoor cat house. Do you have a use for one? — 13 Comments

  1. My cat, Mitzy, has started meowing loudly at the door to go out, and I feel badly, but I can’t let her out because of rules, and won’t let her out because of safety concerns. She has a fenced porch where she watches birds, and has been fine with that for over 2 years, but now it’s not enough.

    So, I’ve been on a search to find a diversion to take her focus off the door. I pick her up and play with her, or get her favorite bird on a string, but it only works in the moment till next time. I have roommates, so I’ve put up a sign to watch for her when entering or exiting.

    I may try a frozen mouse, to see if that helps satisfy her hunting desire. In the meantime, I started looking on EBay for new toys, although she has a lot already. I saw a “tunnel” that she might like to hide in to watch the birds. Now, she hides under a rug on the porch. She sometimes sleeps under it for hours! The first time she did that I thought she had escaped, and was in a panic for quite awhile.

    I saw a “cat house” that I really like. I’m thinking of it for a feral I feed. Some people use styrofoam coolers, and other home made houses which are quite ingenious. I live in Northern California, and it can get chilly in the winter, and even now in April. We have very cool foggy mornings, and clear hot afternoons. I like the way this house is heated, so it’s not dangerous, and have included a picture. Has anyone seen or used this?

    The other item I’m considering is called a “FunRun”, which I’m also including a picture of. It would keep her safe, but I have a feeling that she would still cry to get out. I had purchased a large cage for her at another house, and she cried the whole time she was in it. So, it’s not just being out, she wants to be free to “run” around. If I do get it, and it doesn’t work for her, I’d have to sell it. Maybe it would work better for a small dog? Any thoughts on this for a cat?

    I’m hoping both of these images get posted here. If not, I’ll re-post separately.

  2. I love those photos!
    How I admire you both Dorothy and Dee, not only for caring for cats and worrying about them sleeping outside when it’s cold, but for understanding that they are happier doing that.
    Those outdoor houses are wonderful!
    You are my kind of friends 🙂

  3. Well, ofcourse. Just because DW lives in CA and I live in Fl doesn’t mean that temperatures don’t really dip sometimes. Tonight, it will be 37 degrees F.
    DW has some very good shelters. I have 4 on my deck alone. One is wooden about 4 feet by 2 feet that accomodate up to 12-15 cats. The other 3 are converted very large dog carriers that will accomodate 4-5 cats each. They are insulated with mylan, have indoor/outdoor heat pads. and are tarped.
    I hardly sleep at all on nights like these and will check and recheck these.

    • And, if the temp should drop to the teens (rare), I won’t sleep at all. I have several space heaters to put at the openings and blow heat inside. They have to be quiet ones so they don’t spook the cats; but, I have to be awake and alert to use them, because there is a safety issue.
      In my colonies, the best I could do was to make pile after pile of straw big enough for them to crawl into.

      • I think I love you Dee.

        Thank goodness the are people like you. Well, us. I am grateful there are not huge colony’s of feral cats here anymore. I would make it a full time job. I know about those sleepless nights. Yellow takes off maybe twice a year, for sometimes three days. I have camped out by the back door keeping watch. She is so small. I forget how wonderfully powerful she really is. I imagine she gets sick, and goes off to take care of it. I only hope that when her time comes, she will chose to die in the yard. Save me the long sad search. But I digress! They are wonderful critters. So capable. I certainly need them more than they need me!

  4. That is funny Michael, about California being the salad bowl of the country. It is true. We enjoy lovely weather most of the time.

    It is more temperate in California than many states, but it does dip down in the teens in the winter here where I live. The cats, like we humans, get cold when the weather changes. Especially after a very hot summer. Their fur grows thick fast in November. But the reality is, given a choice of a heated bed (special pet heating pads with outdoor plugs only) or not, most mornings in winter, I find three full heated cat beds. Full of cats! They know what they want.

    Thanks for writing the story.

    • It is unusual to see outdoor heated cat houses and I like that sort of thing. I hope it opens people’s minds to the possibility. California is like the Mediterranean in Europe. I could do with emigrating 😉

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