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Outdoor Facilities at Cat Rescue Centers — 3 Comments

  1. I hate to think of cats in cages and wish all cats in care had better facilities with more room and access to outdoor exercise. I think it’s very hard for cats to be confined because they are born to be free.
    I think the biggest difficulty is lack of money to build these individual facilities for each cat in care, so yes a communal area would be a good idea.

  2. I’ve visited quite a few shelters over the years and find them seriously lacking in any outdoor areas. Cats and dogs get very little exercise. Even having a large common room would be better than nothing.

    Cindy is right when she writes that there seems to be very little room to expand. I don’t know why there is never enough land allotted, but that seems to always be the case.

    I guess it never occurs to anyone that expansion doesn’t have to be “out”; it can be “up”. Sturdy, enclosed rooftops are where my thinking would go.
    But, that’s just me.

  3. Sadly, your assessment is correct. Any shelters I have been to have nowhere to expand. I have never seen one where there is a catio or outdoor enclosure. The couple of shelters that have an indoor open room area for cats are rare. And those can only house cats that are very social, easy going and already have been introduced to each other.

    It is a sad fact that the majority of the cats are locked up inside a very small metal cage with no play time or human interaction. Most do not even have a bed. Just a cage, litter box, food and water bowl.

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