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Outlawing the use of collars on cats and dogs which deliver an electric shock — 1 Comment

  1. If they ban shock collars for dogs I will be in court with my inlaws within a month over the constant racket as this was THEIR solution to our complaints about their nonstop 24/7 barking dogs. ALL of their dogs develop neurotic behaviors and eventually turn vicious from the neglect and lack of training.Intimidating them into keeping them contained and quiet is our only hope for sanity and being able to enjoy our own home. I can see thousands if not millions of dogs being surrendered because this is the only training aid their lazy neglectful owners will ever bother to apply.
    Electric barrier fences are full of flaws and I have to question who would rather shock their pet than spend a few extra dollars on a catio or cat safe fencing. They do not protect your cat outside from any animal (dog) that is loose and may make it impossible for them to run from an attack. You cat outside with it’s shock collar in an open yard is a sitting duck. Animals that escape through fear cannot get back across and come home.

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