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Outrage at the declawing of a dog. General acceptance of the declawing of cats. This is unfair. — 27 Comments

  1. Unlike dogs,CATS DO NEED THEIR CLAWS to defend themselves or climb up a tree or a fence to get out of reach of predators (especially dogs !!!). Dogs use mainly they teeth.
    so, declawing a cat is 100 times worse than declawing a dog !!!!

  2. Thank you, Michael for sharing this story. I hope and pray that this will bring greater awareness to the plight of cats, both large and small. The world will be a better place when declawing is abolished.

  3. I have heard of dogs getting declawed, and believe it or not I have read of people asking if they can have their dogs declawed because of hardwood floors. DAMN. BOYCOTT VETERINARIANS WHO DECLAW!!!

  4. The outrage and disgust at declawing dogs is correct BUT it should also equally apply to declawing cats (and rabbits for that matter) no animal whatever the species should be surgically deprived of a healthy and necessary body part. It is equally as cruel and inhumane to declaw a cat as a dog, but as always cats seem to come second to dogs as though they’re not quite as important. Well that is rubbish! All declawing should be outlawed, all vets who declaw any animal should be boycotted, all pet guardians who request and pay a vet for this mutilation should be boiled in oil. If any good comes out of this it will be further publicity for the plight of declawed cats, but it’s annoying to see that even people who love animals in the form of dogs make a distinction between them and cats.

    • Good point Cindy, if anyone says they will be having their cat declawed they need to answer the question ‘Are you having your dog declawed too?’ or if they don’t have a dog ‘Would you have your pet declawed if he was a dog?’

  5. Never, ever, ever is it okay to declaw a dog or a cat. Same reasons apply, in my logical mind. They won’t run or walk proper again and God forbid a dog not want to go walk on hard surfaces, hot ones or the grass. My God in heaven someone stop these monsters who do this!

  6. Thank you for writing this Michael. I did a google search on declawing dogs and was shocked at the number of comments like ‘Declawing is alright for cats but it’s not for dogs’ ‘Why declaw a dog, it must be so painful’ ‘Declaw cats YES dogs NO’
    They talk as if dogs feel pain and shock and fear more than cats do. As if it’s OK for cats to be deliberately disabled, but not dogs.
    Both cats and dogs claws grow from the bone. I read of a declawed dog whose claws had grown back, the surgery was botched just as it is on many cats, the claws grew back twisted and painful, just like they do in cats.
    But even if the surgery isn’t botched, the animal is crippled for life and faces many more problems.
    Horrible as this is, it surely must help educate about the cruelty of declawing any species of animal and I will be sharing this article far and wide hoping to get dog lovers on our side to help get declawing into the history books.

    • Ruth, after many years on the internet, I sense a bias towards the dog and sometimes against the cat. The exact reason is difficult to pin down. It’s a combination of things. In the USA declawing is assoiciated with the cat and accepted by a lot of people as we know but it is not associated with the dog. This is one reason why there is shock at declawing a chihuahua. It’s a habit almost to declaw cats.

    • Ruth I can’t believe it!!! years of indoctrination have made people in certain countries think its ok to declaw cats but mention doing it to a dog and oh my there is outrage!! But why is it worse? maybe this highlighting of it (although sad for the little dog) is a good thing it might make people sit up and really think about it.

  7. Maybe this will bring more attention to the barbaric de-clawing proceedure done to cats.
    Many dog guardians also have cats, so hopefully there will be more enlightenment and
    activism in this dark area.

  8. What the f-ck!
    I can’t minimize this even in comparison to our cats.
    Why in the hell would anyone find an insane reason to do this any more than they would a cat? I can only hope that dogs are more verbal with their pain, so people will get it.

    • There is an old saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

      Sadly, because dogs are more verbal than cats when it comes to pain, cats will continue to be subjected to such torture due to human ignorance and indifference. As a result, only the dog’s plight will be noticed in this issue and cats will keep suffering in silence. That is why people need to stand up for what is right and speak out for cats and against declawing.

      P.S. I love Pictures-of-Cats.org!

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